1.23 – Large Stomached Aliens

"Clear your mind, clear your soul."

“Clear your mind, clear your soul.”

Marisa was so focused on her writing after her recent trip with Nathan, she couldn’t wait to write about her latest contemporary story. It was about a dude who accidentally is entered into a beauty pageant and has to disguise himself as a girl otherwise he’ll be disqualified!

“What’s so bad about being disqualified, Mommy?” June asked as she walked across and up to bed.

“Well, if you’re disqualified, the contestant and their whole family are killed.” Marisa looks at June, smiling slightly. “It’s grim I know but, it’s the world they live in.” 

“You’re right mommy. I’m going to bed now and I’ll do my homework with the boys in the morning.” June replied before she went upstairs to her bed. Marisa decided that it would be best if she had dinner with the mailbox, as Nathan hadn’t arrived home from work yet.

"Here's some food, Mailbox!"

“Here’s some food, Mailbox!”

The Next Day...

The Next Day…

“Six times seven isn’t forty-three! It’s forty-two.” June laughed as she tried to read over Callum’s work. Callum nodded his head as he corrected his answer before looking up at June.

“Thanks Junebug. But, how are you smarter than me? I’m older!” Callum complained but June patted him on the back.

“I’m not sure but, you have a lot more friends than me and Maven, which will help you in the long run so don’t forget that!” June complimented Callum as they both continued on with their homework. Meanwhile, Maven blew a gust of air out of this mouth in pure frustration.

“Finally, the both of you zipped your lower face holes! Now, let’s finish this homework and fly to the land of rainbow kitties!” Maven laughed as he resumed to work on his homework along with the other two.

Focused Emotions abound!

Focused Emotions abound!

Meanwhile, Nathan had begun to tend his garden once more. It was beginning to get a bit repetitive for Nathan, always tending and always growing but he was looking forward to completing the Gardening Aspiration and then building the greenhouse of his dreams.

“You know what Strawberry? I think you’ll look amazing in the greenhouse, although constructing it will be hard! I wonder if there’ll be anyone that can help…” Nathan wondered while he tended to the Strawberry.

06-18-15_5-08 PM

Afterwards, Nathan continued to tend to the rest of the plants in his garden while Marisa came home from work and immediately looked around the house. She didn’t find what she was looking for, so she decided to scream.

“JUNE! I CHALLENGE YOU TO A GAME OF CHESS. NOW!” June came running down the stairs minutes later and sat by the chess table with Marisa opposite her.

“What’s the wager?” June laughed and Marisa thought about it. What could she possibly offer as a reward for beating her, should June actually be able to accomplish such a goal.

“I’ll tell you one thing that’s cool about Aliens!” Marisa giggled and June looked up to her mom with her eyes glistening with hope. June found aliens completely fascinating ever since she discovered that she was in fact a half-alien. It was a healthy obsession and not something that would take over her life.

“You’re on!” June moved her pawn two spaces forward and the game had begun.

06-18-15_5-13 PM

It’s looking pretty heated at the moment!

Outside, Callum had invited one of his friends from school over to his house. Callum warned the boy that their house might not be as luxurious because they did start off with a blank plot of land. When the boy had arrived, he was very impressed with how the home turned out! His name, Dwight. He managed to introduce himself to Nathan before going off to have his own private conversation with Callum.

"Hey! Were you the one who caused that prank on Mrs. Parachute?"

“Hey! Were you the one who caused that prank on Mrs. Parachute?”

"No! There must be another prankster on the scene!"

“No! There must be another prankster on the scene!”

“Callum looks like he’s having so much fun with his friend. It makes me feel like such an accomplished mother.” Marisa smiled as she watched Callum outside.

“Mom, I’m the important one here! Now, are you observant?” June asked as she smirked at Marisa.

“Oh yes, you switched some pieces. But, because of your foolishness, you allowed me to win!” Marisa cackled as she moved her chess piece to a critical position and then said, “Checkmate.”

While they set the pieces back to their places, June was sad that she didn’t achieve the fact about Aliens, but Marisa smiled as she placed the last piece down.

"Aliens have VERY LARGE stomachs!"

“Aliens have VERY LARGE stomachs!”

“R-Really? No wonder I can eat so much! I need to write this in my discovery journal.” June smiled as she got up from her seat and walked upstairs to her bedroom to write in her discovery journal.

Meanwhile, Maven was busy riding with unicorn poop, sparkles of happiness and the bonding liquid that joined everything together. Maven had created his own world of creativity and he hoped that it would never end, he hoped that he’d always be able to be this creative and paint whatever he wanted to.

"This is Penelope, she needs a little bit of a touch up!"

“This is Penelope, she needs a little bit of a touch up!”

So, with a massive crayon in hand, he moved over to Penelope’s face and started to touch her up. And by touching her up, he made her look like a greasy potato.

"She looks so pretty!"

“She looks so pretty!”

Around the same time, Nathan had evolved the last plant needed for him to achieve the top level in his ability of Gardening! Nathan truly felt like an expert gardener ready to pass down the family secrets to someone who would love to take care of the plants someday. However, Nathan had an inkling that it would be a future spouse that would take care of the garden because he couldn’t see his children doing it. They desire more wild lives.

“Oh well, let’s evolve another beauty!” Nathan told himself as he crouched down and evolved another plant.

06-18-15_5-48 PM

You’ve got to love that bubbly-type effect that happens!

Although if by wild, Nathan meant that the kids would spend the day engrossed in the Chemistry set, then all kids have a wild life! Callum and June were practically engrossed in the Chemistry Set and they couldn’t wait to see what they could actually make with this!

I guess this is what you call bonding.

I guess this is what you call bonding.

Back to Nathan, he recently received a promotion in work which enabled him to unlock the mixology bar to upgrade his skill. Well, it was always unlocked but he never needed it until now. He was so excited to make alcohol even though he knew that he had to keep it away from the kids, since he had to do it outside.

Although, Nathan did have his own fair share of underage drinking back when he was a teenager, so he knew about how bad it would be if the kids drunk alcohol now.

"Oh yeah. You're already an expert Nathan."

“Oh yeah. You’re already an expert Nathan.”

Marisa had already told Nathan that when he was able to make a high-quality drink, she’d be excited to actually taste it some time.

"Let's be the best bartender in the world!"

“Let’s be the best bartender in the world!”


8 thoughts on “1.23 – Large Stomached Aliens

    • SummerFalls says:

      Maven and June are the only ones with Discovery Journals while Callum loves socialising and making friends. I think I might have him take up the Photography skill since it’d link in well with that!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Sarah says:

    I just got caught up with your story! Your writing style is so entertaining to read, it’s funny sometimes and cute to read about their interactions. I can’t wait to read more!

    I recently started a legacy challenge of my own at erbelegacy.blogspot.com
    If you have some time to look at it I would love some feedback!

    I can’t wait to see more of the Devines’ antics 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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