1.21 – Nature Bound

Nathan was so close to achieving his dream. He had already sorted out a plan with the contractors for his Greenhouse, but he only had to grow a cowplant and get some excellent plants and he’d be done, he’d be able to claim the title of Freelance Botanist.

After coming home from work, Nathan tended the garden during the night as usual. But, he did it hurriedly tonight because he wanted to get to sleep as soon as possible. He had the day off tomorrow and he wanted to make the most of it. And while he was gardening, something was glistening in some of the spliced plants!

Stealing this from Rorygilmore34 but... did you see it?

Did you see it?

Nathan didn’t. He thought it would be fun to ignore the cow berry completely and walk inside of the house to go to sleep. He had a peaceful sleep at that, since it was probably lover’s comfort from Marisa. Nathan dreamed of his perfect garden, with cowplants and every type of exotic fruit that he could imagine.

When Nathan woke up the next morning, he realised after inspecting his plants that he had missed the cow berries completely. After cursing at himself for his stupidity, he cheered as he picked up the cow berries.

“One step closer, Nathan!” He smiled to himself.

06-18-15_3-11 PM-2

Nathan couldn’t wait to plant them as well, since he wanted to grow this cowplant as soon as possible! He had FIVE opportunities to do so as well, since he had just harvested five cow berries! Well done, Nathan.

“Let’s plant this thing, I’m literally itching to get this in the ground. Please grow quickly!” Nathan cheered as he placed the berry on the ground and planted it with the utmost care.

This looks too cute!

This looks too cute!

"Gotta get down for this one, once again."

“Gotta get down for this one, once again.”



Nathan walked over to the other spliced Dragonfruit and Snapdragon plants and kneeled down at them giggling. He was so excited to finally be growing his first cowplant, but also he wanted more. He slowly began to grow the plant to a higher quality as he spoke to the plants with respect.

"Make sure to give me more, okay?"

“Make sure to give me more, okay?”

Afterwards, Nathan walked back into the house to find Marisa on the computer writing up a brand new story. However, the words were not forming and she kept on being frustrated because nothing was happening. Marisa usually thought that her imagination could spin forever and ever, but this time, it took an unfortunate pit-stop.

Nathan took Marisa’s hand and walked her over to the center of their humble abode. He smiled at Marisa as he began to talk.

“Let’s go on a date.” He suggested and Marisa looked up into his eyes.

06-18-15_3-34 PM

“The park is a romantic place!”

“If you say so, dear.” Marisa smiled as the both of them left the house and walked to the park. It only took them ten minutes to walk there because the park was so close to their house.

Nathan and Marisa both walked together to the first bench that they could find, and they enjoyed some peaceful company together.

“The weather is simply delightful today.” Marisa said as she heard the birds chirping from every direction, with the sun blazing in the sky. It was the middle of the Summer!

They are so cute together. This should be my new Gen 1 Picture. What do you think?

They are so cute together. This should be my new Gen 1 Picture. What do you think?

“You know, you have to have the talk with June soon.” Marisa held Nathan’s hand as she stared at him.

“The WooHoo talk? Oh no, I’m staying away from that for a while.” He laughed but Marisa shook her head.

“No, you have to talk to her about the Legacy! She’s the heir, and she’s going to lead this family since she’ll become the new head of family when we–“

“Don’t. Don’t mention what you were about to say. It’s too early for that, and we’re still in our Young Adult lives. Yeah, we may have brewed stuff to live longer but we did it out of love for each other and our children’s futures. Let’s enjoy today and worry about death later.” Nathan kissed Marisa on the cheek as she fist-pumped the air, coincidentally hitting Nathan on the chin.



“I’M SO SORRY!” Marisa shouted as she inspected Nathan for any injuries, but he brushed off her hands seconds later.

“I’m fine! Now, I’ll give that talk to June when she’s a teenager, when she’s ready to understand and take the torch. For now, do you have any cool alien powers to show me? Like in the movies?!” Nathan eagerly asked Marisa, who looked to the opposite direction.

“Not everything you see on the films is true.” Marisa answered.

“So, you don’t have any powers?”

“Oh, I do.” Marisa leaned in close to Nathan as she explained the full extent of her powers.

"I have this one power where I can instantly learn everything about a Sim!"

“I have this one power where I can instantly learn everything about a Sim!”

“Oh really? So you can learn everything about me?” Nathan asked, and then Marisa put her fingers to her forehead and pressed on her temples as she focused on Nathan.

"Of course."

“Of course.”

Marisa didn’t know if what she learnt was good or bad, but she knew that she felt a deeper connection with Nathan. Meanwhile, the children had arrived at the park after their day at school. Nathan had messaged the children to come there since there would be no way for them to get into the house.

“Say, Maven. Do you think there will be monkey bars here?” Callum asked as he looked around the park.

06-18-15_4-00 PM

“I’m not entirely sure. Maybe!” Maven replied and Callum finally located some monkey bars.

“They’re over there!” Callum pointed over to them as he ran over to them. Maven followed closely behind him, with bright smiles on both of their faces as they imagined the fun adventures they were about to have on the monkey bars.

Run twinsies run!

Run twinsies run!

Meanwhile, June was already at the monkey bars talking to a classmate in her school! They had received a project about wildlife and June was interested to see what this boy was doing for his project.

“I’m doing something about Squirrels and how they affect our ecosystem. How about you, June? Hey that rhymed!” The boy said and June brushed off some dirt from her skirt before speaking to him.

“Well, I want to do something about the evolution of natural habitats and how they’ve changed over the last century.” June giggled as the boy admitted that her presentation was clearly better than his own.

"Hey, not everyone can be as fabulous as me!"

“Hey, not everyone can be as fabulous as me!”

Nathan and Marisa decided that they wanted to look up at the clouds. Even though it was a clear day, it was still romantic!

“Can I ask you something?” Nathan asked Marisa as he turned to her. “If I build a rocketship, will you take me to your planet?”

“They won’t accept you!” Marisa cried, but Nathan shook his head.

“No, they’ll love me. I can be all, ‘take me to your leader’. Also, I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to WooHoo on another planet.” Nathan laughed and Marisa rolled her eyes.

“It’s the same.” She laughed as they looked up into the sky, Nathan pointing out a single cloud in the shape of… a cloud.

06-18-15_4-06 PM

“Hey! It’s a cloud!”

“I married the right man.” Marisa muttered to herself as she turned and nodded to Nathan.

June was too focused playing on the Jungle Gym to actually do anything else.

She looks like she's about to sneak up on someone and murder them...

She looks like she’s about to sneak up on someone and murder them…



"Oh Junebug. You're so funny that it's embarrassing."

“Oh Junebug. You’re so funny that it’s embarrassing.”


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