1.35 – Bob’s Pancakes

"That cake in the fresh air smell... mmm."

“That cake in the fresh air smell… mmm.”

“Is that cake from the cowplant?!” Marisa asked since she saw Callum with a piece of cake right near the cowplant.

“No, it’s the leftover cake from yesterday.” Callum laughed and Marisa joined in. Soon after, Callum thought of something he wanted to ask his mom. “Hey Mom, can I ask you a very important question that will determine my popularity in the future?”

“Sure…” Marisa answered nervously.

"Am I allowed to throw a lot of parties?"

“Am I allowed to throw a lot of parties?”

It took Marisa 34.7 seconds to answer Callum’s question and when she did, it shocked Callum.

“Well, okay. But, you’re not allowed to throw parties when anyone is feeling ill and the house MUST be clean one hour after the party has ended!” Marisa replied and Callum got really excited since he knew what type of parties he could throw now.

“Thanks Mom! You’re really the best!” Callum cheered and Marisa laughed.

“Like I don’t know that already?” Marisa replied and Callum giggled.

"I found a reason why my hair is purple!"

“I found a reason why my hair is purple!”

“Why is that, my son?” Marisa smiled and Callum pointed to his hair before explaining.

“Well, you know when I was born and I had purple skin before you changed it using that skin manipulator thingy? This purple hair is sort of a tribute to it, it recognises that I am part alien but I’m also part human and I’m me!” Callum explained and Marisa clapped her hands.

“Why aren’t there any political careers for teenagers? You’d be perfect!” Marisa complained and Callum laughed.

"They clearly don't see my awesomeness!"

“They clearly don’t see my awesomeness!”

 “Oh look! There’s a guy over there, why don’t you go introduce yourself?” Marisa smiled as Callum turned. He saw the man and ran straight over to him.

“Hi! I’m Callum! Who are you?!” Callum smiled as he saw the man walk towards him.

“I’m Bob, I work at Bob’s–“

“Burgers? I’ve heard a lot about that–“

“Pancakes. I work at Bob’s Pancakes, it’s a café in Magnolia Promenade.” Bob explained and they both started to talk about making pancakes from scratch.

"So you flip them like this?"

“So you flip them like this?”

“Exactly!” Bob replied and Callum clapped his hands together.

“Is it ever hard working in a café?” Callum asked and Bob nodded.

“Yeah, sometimes the customers are right plums, but as long as they pay, I’m fine with it.” Bob replied and Callum smiled.

"Ooh, I might need to talk to Maven soon!"

“Ooh, I might need to talk to Maven soon!”

“Listen, I’m going to be having a party after my sister and my parent’s birthday parties. Do you want to come?” Callum asked and Bob stopped.

“Oh. I don’t really like to Party, I’m more of a loner.” Bob replied and Callum looked at him with an expression no one could describe.



Meanwhile, Maven had been working on earning some money for the family. He went around the surrounding areas of the legacy lot and collected the valuable things that could be collected, like his father used to do.

Like father, like son?"

Like father, like son?”


"Brave the frogs Maven, they're not scary... just slimy."

“Brave the frogs Maven, they’re not scary… just slimy.”

However, when Maven came back into the house, he found himself to be covered in awful spots on his wrists and arms. He used his jumper to cover it up, but he thought that he caught what his mother had at his birthday party.

"Ugh, this is terrible."

“Ugh, this is terrible.”

Luckily for Maven, after searching through the cupboards, he found a bottle of medicine with no label. Maven thought it wasn’t suspicious at all, so he decided to open the bottle and take one giant sip out of it.

Sparkles started to appear around him as the spots started to disappear. It felt as if Maven was being healed and given energy once again, and of course, he thought he was gaining some kind of superpower.

"I feeeeeel good dodo dodo dodo do"

“I feeeeeel good dodo dodo dodo do”


14 thoughts on “1.35 – Bob’s Pancakes

  1. theplumbob says:

    Marisa is such a relaxed mom! Lucky kids! Also, what Callum said about the purple hair is really nice, I had no idea there was a deeper meaning behind it! It’s like Callum is exploring his emotional side, while Maven is so focused on the future and his goals. I look forward to more (too bad this is the end of double updates!)

    Liked by 2 people

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