Lonerism – Weirdness – Normalcy

Hey everyone! This is not Leliana Frenlore, or even SummerFalls but Joel! Yes, Joel the actual human is writing on this blog, it’s a surprise right? Recently, there’s been some chatter amongst individuals (including myself) in the Stories and Legacies forum about Lonerism, introversion and the weirdness of things.

I’d like to give my view on this topic, but you know, I’m probably just going to ramble so I apologize beforehand.

First of all, let me give you the definitions of both extraversion and introversion as Jes2G provided for us!

“Extraversion – Our energy moves toward the outer world of people, places and things; the world outside of us.

Introversion – Our energy moves toward the inner world of thoughts and ideas; the world inside of us.”

As a 15 year old, generally I would be an extravert, who would move my energy towards the outer world of people. However, because I aspire to write and be someone who is creatively amazing, I tend to be an introvert myself.

I often tend to focus my ‘energy’ into myself, and my ideas become much more expanded and they create their own worlds and ideas. Being a writer, my worlds have expanded and grown so much, and my thoughts have become more developed and more genius as the years go by. Would I trade that to be an extravert? Never.

When I write for the Sims, I allow my emotions to become a part of my gameplay. I also allow my thoughts and ideas weave stories that I could possibly have never imagined if I was an extravert. With empathy and imagination as parts of my gameplay, they become the vital sources of my story. I’m able to become bonded with these sims, and I’m able to think and feel for them.Β I’m able to think how this Sim thinks and I’m able to have them show me and teach me many things.

Playing the Sims has taught me so many things, about myself and about other people. The way Sims socialize with each other is pretty smart, they chatter and they build a relationship bar. If only life was that simple. However, with some people it’s not. (yeah, I’m going off on a tangent.)Β I’m able to reflect upon my own life from playing the Sims, and they inspire me to make my own life better.

Being Introverted is awesome, I’m allowed to change and make myself into a better person, without having outside forces influencing me. I am very emotional, and that helps a lot when it comes to writing and it helps develop an amazing story for Sims.

Now I’m onto the second topic that I want to talk about. Normalcy and Weirdness.

What is Normal exactly? Is there a definition?

Something that is Weird or something that is Normal is all based on one’s opinion of what exactly is normal and weird. But, if everything was normal, the world would be plain and boring in my opinion. In contrast, if everything was weird, the world would be too freaky to live in. There has to be a balance between normal and weird.

In my opinion, I am weird. I can be who I want to be and I can be special in my own way. As long as it’s okay with myself, I am happy with who I am. Β And when I’m not happy with myself, my introversion will take over and make myself better and even more awesome.

Everyone has a certain weirdness about them I think. But, I don’t think that it should be thought as a weirdness exactly, but as a gift that is given to you by a higher power. (very open ended depending on religion and such) And we can express this gift in any way that we want to, may it be writing, singing, dancing or any other stuff. Our gifts define who we are and we should celebrate that!

In conclusion, I believe that we’re all defined by certain things. We could be weird or normal, we could be introverted or extraverted, we could be anything. As long as we are okay with ourselves, we can be whoever or whatever we want.

Also, we all have our super power (as said by Big Sis!), and we should use that super power to make our lives, and our world a much happier place. And, as part of the Story-Simmer Community, I hope to use my superpower of Weirdness, Introversion and Amazing Cuteness to make our home a more amazing place.


Here are the links to the talks by other users!

Jes2G – Normalcy, Weirdness and Lonerism

CathyTea – LonerSim

ARoseInBloom – The Sims and Introversion


10 thoughts on “Lonerism – Weirdness – Normalcy

  1. ARoseInBloom says:

    You are so wise. So so so wise. If only I knew this about myself when I was 15 instead of trying to make friends with the girl who stole all of my boyfriends and pitted me and my other friend against each other…ah well…
    I’m so happy to know you πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lovesstorms says:

    I’m able to become bonded with these sims, and I’m able to think and feel for them.
    ^This is what I struggle with the most. It’s possible I can’t empathize as much as I’d like to. Granted, if I could empathize, then I’d probably cry all the time. So, yeah.

    Thanks, Joel! ❀ This spoke to me and I'm sure will speak to others as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • winterrising says:

      You should see the amount of times I’ve cried that a sim has died. I can’t even imagine the pain I’d feel over my founder dying in a legacy omg.

      Thanks Lo πŸ™‚ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

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