The Wonder Child – Chapter Fourteen – Boys

02-17-15_7-06 AM

I returned to the park a couple of days after Blarffy spoke. It turned out that the Health Potion only reversed a small amount of the CMS that Blarffy had, but I’m sure that a regular daily dosing will soon allow him to walk around again. As the Wonder Princess, I vow I will help him.

I managed to meet a boy who was roughly my age, we were only born a couple of days apart! I talked to him and made some moves and we were sitting together on the grass looking up at the clouds. Mom says that I shouldn’t be thinking about boys, but who can’t in this day and age?

“There’s a Freezer Bunny on top of a lady’s head!” I gestured my hand and pointed at the cloud.

02-17-15_7-06 AM-2

“I see it. It looks very weird, it’s like the lady is fused with the freezer bunny.” The boy commented. Although his voice sounded kind of boring, I like the way he thinks. It’s… magical.

“Yeah, it does. I wonder if there’s any other fused creatures around in the clouds!” I said and we both looked around to see if we could find another one.

“IT’S A LLAMA-MAN!” We both shouted as we pointed to the exact same cloud.

02-17-15_7-06 AM-3

I tucked my head away as he looked at me but I managed to show him a smile. I don’t think I want to get into a relationship. Mom says they’re just a doorway to tissues, Ben & Jerry’s and tears… and I have a kingdom to worry about!

We both stood up and wiped the sticking grass off of our clothes, and I looked at him with another smile. I think this one was more awkward than the last smile, great.

02-17-15_7-07 AM

Raising my eyebrows didn’t help either. He sort of looked at me in a weird way, before starting to speak.

“Are you alright?” He asked me and I nodded my head with a fast pace.

“I am BEYOND happy. I’m more or so… excited.” I giggled. His face remained the same as before.

“Why are you excited?” He asked again. He really likes to ask questions.

“Because I like the park, I love the open air. I love the birds and the serenity of nature.” I looked down from the sky and grinned at him. His face remained the same. It was really getting on my nerves.

02-17-15_7-07 AM-2

“Ok.” He stated and I walked around the monkey bars. Another boy soon arrived to the park and walked over to the monkey bars too, where he then caught the sight of my face. This boy then started to follow me as I walked around in the circle, and then I was later joined by the boy from earlier in my procession around the monkey bars.

02-17-15_7-09 AM

The boy from earlier finally smiled at me, although it was a bit weird. Now he decided to smile and be sort of interesting. I think it’s due to jealousy though, he must not like this other boy giving me attention. Now, I know I’m very attractive and everything, but I’m married to my kingdom until I’m 18. I’m sorry (not.)!

After returning to the park later, the boy from earlier was still there. I still didn’t know his name, which is really bad as a Princess. That should be the first thing I ask, fiddlesticks! (Tried that out… never again.) 

I walked over to the boy, very slowly.

02-17-15_7-13 AM

“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the str-“ He was really into it.

“Yeah, no. What’s your name?” I interrupted him. I’ve heard that too many times to hear it again.

“Kieron. Kieron McCormac.” He responded, and then he walked away. But the same thing happened again! I was greeted by another unknown boy, who I didn’t know… and Kieron put on his smile!

02-17-15_7-14 AM-2

I was kind of getting annoyed by this, so I decided to leave Kieron and talk to the other boy. Kieron wants my attention, but when he has it, he’s just really plain and boring. I smiled at the other boy and resumed talking to him.

“So, what’s your name?” I wanted to know. I finally did it right this time! I asked for the name before I started to talk to him. Doing well Leliana! Let’s see how long this will last.

“Peter!” He enthusiastically introduced himself, it seems as if someone has been drinking TOO much Emotion Potion.

02-17-15_7-14 AM

“Right…” I trailed off deep in thought. I was thinking about the Emotion Potion… maybe that might be able to help Blarffy too! I giggled as my attention returned to Peter.

“So, the stars are pretty!” I suggested. Unfortunately for me, I think his emotion potion gave him mood swings… as he suddenly turned angry.

02-17-15_7-17 AM

“No. I hate plumbobbing stars. I hate everything!!!!!” Peter shouted at the top of his voice. He used bad language, his mother should be disappointed in him! I had to act quickly, if I didn’t, his anger would kill him. So… I curtseyed.

02-17-15_7-17 AM-2

It was kind of embarrassing for a Princess to curtsey to a resident of the Wonder Kingdom, however, he needed to laugh really hard so Peter wouldn’t die from anger. I didn’t know the result until I saw his eyebrow twitch.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHA.” Peter threw a fit of hysterical laughter.

02-17-15_7-19 AM

Okay, I know it was funny, but it wasn’t THAT funny. Gosh.  I left Peter to his devices, I was beyond annoyed. Boys.

I sat at the chess table where I was joined by Stella and Nathaniel! We played a few quick games of chess before the sun rose. I wonder if Mom and Dad are worried about me, I stayed out the entire night! Anyways, Stella and Nathaniel are now in a relationship thanks to my very inspirational words, but I don’t think shouting “HE LIKES YOU” is inspirational!

02-17-15_7-22 AM

When the sun rose, I walked around the park some more. I met a new old lady! Pamela hasn’t come back since our little exchange of words, but I’m sure she’s in a happy place now. The yellow dress lady came as well! The one that always walks by my house on her way to work.

02-17-15_7-30 AM

“And the roses spoke! They said… ‘Elizabeth, you have to water us!’ The Old Lady kept speaking and speaking. Luckily, this helped my social skill reach it’s maximum!

I guess I can change my titles now!

Leliana frenlore – the wonder princess
Leliana Frenlore – social butterfly

I am doing well! 😉

I love speaking to women more than men. (sorry Dad!) They just know when I’m not going to take anything from them. But also, they know exactly how to make me smile!


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