The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Two – Revelation

This is the day everything changed. And from then on, nothing was ever the same again. It started off like any normal day, but it progressively got worse and worse over the following days.

I woke up that morning to find a notification on my emails, I ran downstairs to find that Dad was on the computer. Of course, I threw him off and sat down while trying to log him out and log me in.

“Do you have an email from HIM?” Dad laughed, and as soon as he said that, I turned around with the most evil eyes possible.

04-05-15_8-15 PM

“DAD, DEVAN IS A LOVELY PERSON. I–“ I stopped myself there. I knew that if I said any more, Dad would launch a full investigation surrounding him, although we all knew that today was really his last day.

I turned around and looked at my emails, and by chance, Devan had replied to my email! I read it to myself as I was too excited to even speak.

Hello, maestro!

Sorry I’m just now responding to you. I got your email last week, but things have been pretty crazy here. First of all, we moved to a new house shortly after I got your message. Then we went on vacation in Granite Falls. Have you been? It’s really beautiful. You should definitely go if you haven’t. Oh…and then my birthday was yesterday! I hope that doesn’t make you uncomfortable writing to me now. But, if it does, I understand. Finally, I have two baby sisters who were also born yesterday! Our household has been ridiculous this week.

I would love to hear your music! I live at Parkshore. We have some musicians in my family too. My mom plays the piano and has written four songs. She also dabbles with the guitar and violin from time to time. She paints too! I love all things creative. I used to draw a lot when I was little, but computers are my love now. I want to know everything there is to know about them. I start my new job in the tech career in two days, and because I already know a lot, they started me at level four!

I don’t want to “talk” your ear off, so I’ll end here. I enjoyed hearing from you, Leliana–a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Take care!

– Devan”

04-05-15_8-15 PM-2

I had to turn the monitor off soon after, I was too excited to read it again. He recognizes my musical talent by calling me maestro, and then he became a Young Adult! It doesn’t faze me as much because I get along with most Young Adults, but I have to say… he is a pretty sexy Young Adult and now he has two younger sisters and I have two younger brothers, our house is pretty opposite from each other!

He wants to hear my music, YES! And hearing that he comes from a good musical background sounds awesome, and he started at a good place in his career which means he can help a lot. AND HE CALLED ME BEAUTIFUL AGAIN. I’M GOING TO FAINT OH MY WORD. I have to reply this instant, the words are flowing to me.

04-05-15_8-15 PM-3

“Hello Mr.Guru!

I have to admit, I was really excited when I received your email reply! It brought some happiness to my world on this saddening day. Yesterday, Grim came to our house and said that Dad has one day left after he had a close call with death and a 1×1 pool. Although it’s very sad, your happiness brings a huge smile to my face. 

I’ll be sure to send you some music soon, I’ve been working on a brand new composition lately and I think you’ll really like it. I love the fact that you’re interested in computers since I’m a bit of a whiz myself, but Programming isn’t my thing and you’re in a job know which sounds awesome!

Soon, I’m not sure where I’m heading but I know that no one will ever be able to see me again. Unless I come up with a plan soon, which I do because I know I’ll miss a specific handsome guy who writes emails to me. Take care, handsome man.

– Leliana” 

I read it over and over before sending it. Once I did, I walked into the bathroom to find Dad standing there looked in the mirror like a ghost. I walked over to Dad and shook him multiple times while shouting ‘Dad’ multiple times. It took two minutes of shaking before he even started to speak to me.

04-05-15_8-27 PM

“Oh Leliana, when did you get here?” Dad asked, and I smiled at him. I didn’t want to scare him by telling him that I had been here for two minutes and remind him that his time is coming soon.

“Just now, I wanted to see what you wanted for dinner. Mom is at work and I thought I’d cook tonight.” I asked, and Dad smiled back at me.

“Oh! How kind of you. I think I’d like  some hamburgers tonight though, spice up the mood a bit.” Dad suggested and I nodded.

04-05-15_8-27 PM-2

“Dad, are you okay?” I wondered, he looked a bit discolored than usual.

“Yeah, I’m great. Oh! There’s something for you from the Government, they want you to work on a rocket or something?” Dad said and I left him soon after.

I wandered outside to find that there was a launch pad and some boxes full of parts for a rocket, and of course, I then got to work with them.

04-05-15_8-28 PM

04-05-15_8-31 PM

04-05-15_8-29 PM-4

04-05-15_8-29 PM-2

Although, I couldn’t stop thinking about the voice. They said they were visiting me today and I’m scared as to see who it is, and hopefully they’ll come late at night because Belle is supposed to be coming here today as well to wrap up our project and I do not want to explain to Belle why a random person is at my house and the whole Government thing.

Later on in the evening, Belle came to my house and we started to talking about stuff that happened in school.

04-05-15_8-40 PM

“Did you see Michael’s face when you rejected him? It was too funny!” Belle laughed, and I joined in.

“It was funny, but I felt sorry for him. I couldn’t really tell him yes, I like someone else.” I admitted, I like someone else.

“WHO?” Belle shouted, and I managed to keep her quiet. I’m not telling her now, but maybe before I leave.

“Sh… “ I whispered. I suddenly realized the time and I ushered Belle up from her seat, “You should go, I’m expecting someone soon.”

“But I’m already here.” Belle stated.

“Not you! But someone else!” I tried to usher her more and more.

04-05-15_8-42 PM

“BUT I AM THAT SOMEONE ELSE.” Belle shouted, “I am a French Beautiful Liar. My name “Belle Menteur” translates to Beautiful Liar, well the feminine version. I am the voice that contacts you inside your head since you were little. I am not a teenager but a Young Adult posing as a teenager. Everyone thought I was dead but I am not. I am an Ex-Wonder Child. My name is, Danielle Lakewater and you need my help Leliana Frenlore, Wonder Queen.”

What. In. The. Plumbob. Just. Happened. Belle is Danielle, Danielle is Belle and she was never dead?! Danielle has been watching over me since I was a child and now that we met, she’s been acting like a friend to me?

04-05-15_8-42 PM-2

“Listen, we don’t have a lot of time. The cameras in your house have been disabled for now, since you’re going to Granite Falls tomorrow. However, you need to know what the Government are planning to do with you when you turn into a Young Adult.” Belle, I mean Danielle tried to explain. However, I was too focused on the betrayal by her to do anything.

“You… are Danielle? Why didn’t you say anything? Why didn’t you feel like you could trust me with that important information? Why did you keep it a secret until now? WHY?!” I shouted at her, and her expression dropped while she pressed two of her fingers together.

04-05-15_8-43 PM

“Well… I wasn’t sure if you was secretly feeding the Government the messages I was giving you. And, I wasn’t sure if you was going to be the one.” Danielle said, and I looked at her.

“And if I did tell the Government, what then?!” I replied.

“I would’ve been found and killed, Matthew Millard too.” WHAT?! Matthew, Dad’s friend was in on this too?

“If my Dad found out about thi-“ I muttered, and she touched my shoulder, however I slapped it off, “Don’t touch me, you plumbob.”

04-05-15_8-44 PM

“Your dad knows, he’s been trying to help you!” She stated and I stared at the ground. My Dad knew about Matt helping Danielle, but he couldn’t tell me? Why does no one trust me with these things?

“It’s not that we didn’t trust you, it’s that it was for the best if we kept it away from you until you were ready.” 

“GET OUT OF MY HEAD! WHY ARE YOU STILL IN THERE? HOW ARE YOU IN THERE?” At this point, I couldn’t help but have tears stream out of my eyes. I could look stupid for reacting like this, but imagine if your best friend turned out to be an Ex-Wonder Child who was rumored to be dead, who was helped by your Dad’s best friend and then having your Dad being told about all of this but not telling you.

“Well, I made a thought transmitter after I hi-jacked some science equipment from the Government but, I’m sorry Leliana, but you need to know what’s going on.” Danielle tried to break through to me.

04-05-15_8-44 PM-2

“Shut your mouth. I couldn’t care less. I’ve been investigating the Government for months, and nothing bad has come up on their databases, although I wouldn’t say I’m good at hacking.” I said, and Danielle shook her head.

“It’s not in their databases, I managed to find out through an email that I was sent, although it deleted itself as soon as I read it.” She explained, and I scratched my head.

“Where did you get it from?!” I shouted, I didn’t even want to believe half of the things that she was saying. However, there was some kind of innocence that surrounded her that made me inclined to believe what she was saying.

“It turned out to be from Matthew himself, and then he visited my house soon afterwards. He rescued me from the Government.” Danielle explained.

04-05-15_8-44 PM-3

“How is Matthew so special?!” I shouted to her, and she retorted right back at me.

“HE USED TO WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT, PARTICULARLY THE WONDER CHILD PROJECT.” She revealed, and my jaw dropped. He helped work with the people that made this project… exist? What… why… how?!

“Okay, it may seem weird at first, but he did help me and he doesn’t work for the project anymore, or the Government.” She calmed down, and I stared at her intently.

“That doesn’t mean we can trust him.” I said, calming down as well. However, the angry expressions were still on my face.

04-05-15_8-44 PM-4

“Just tell me one thing.” I breathed out gently. It’s something that’s been on my mind for a while and it’s something that won’t ever let me go, “Why is everyone so interested in me? I’m sure there’s hundreds of Wonder Children out there, but why is everyone focused on me?”

“You. You’re the only one capable of doing what the Government wants. They need you otherwise their efforts will go to waste.” Danielle explained, and I was still confused.

“How do they know that I’m the one they need?” I asked.

“Because you’re the only one who made an inanimate object come to life.” What could she possibly mean? I didn’t make an inanimate object come to life? I didn’t pester her from then because I wasn’t sure what else I could asked her.

04-05-15_8-44 PM-5

“This wasn’t supposed to happen this way.” Belle, Danielle sighed.

“Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” I stated, and DANIELLE sighed again. I still couldn’t believe most of the things that she was saying as they weren’t being processed through my mind correctly.

“Oh right.” Danielle continued to sigh.

04-05-15_8-44 PM-6

“If you continue to not believe me at all. I guess I need to tell you what happened to me. It happened while I was a teenager…”


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  1. ARoseInBloom says:

    OMG!!! Yikes! So intense and just what I needed to pick up my spirits! This was so amazing. I can’t believe…*sigh* so many things.


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