The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Three – Farewell

“…and I found out about one of the secrets of the program from hacking into their databases.”

Danielle was seventeen at the time, her hair colour was not blue but a very dark brown, and she was more of a reserved and introverted kind of person. Because of the Wonder Child program, she was unable to reveal her true self to the world under the threat that the government would take her away too early, or give her an even worser fate. However, what Danielle learnt from that one page that she hacked into confirmed everything that she had thought about the Government.


Wonder Children are performing at an optimum level. We should try and calculate their total BPI (Brain Power Index) and see which Wonder Child is capable of opening the wormhole to Sixam. All other Wonder Children can be killed off, there will be no more use for them. 

Oh, and be sure to place tracers in this notice just incase any Wonder Children hack into our excellently protected systems and find out about this.

“Crap.” Danielle sighed heavily, the thought that she just basically screwed herself over scared Danielle right through her veins. She quickly managed to stop panicking and removed her history of being on that particular page on both her computer and the Government’s databases.

“Danielle! Come down here, we need you to fix this for us!” A feminine voice shouted from below Danielle’s bedroom, it was soon followed by a more masculine and hoarse voice.

“Quickly.” The voice instructed. Danielle got off her office chair and ran downstairs to find an elderly man and woman stood by a sink with a tap which has snapped in half with water spewing out.

“Okay, Mom get me a wrench and Dad, please put on some good music.” Danielle smiled as she rolled up the sleeves of her checked shirt and tied her hair back in a bun, “This is going to be a lot of work.”

Danielle grabbed the wrench from her mother and listened to the Alternative music her father started to play on the stereo. She placed the wrench against the snapped part of the tap and had begun to twist it back into shape. After counting numerous times of her twisting the wrench back into shape, Danielle used a blowtorch to melt and weld the metal back into each other while the music, Nothing’s Wrong by Echosmith played in the background.

After Danielle managed to fix the tap, she called her Dad over where they both engaged in a conversation. Her father, or Michael Lakewater worked for the a Government, but in a different sector than the Wonder Child while his wife, Patricia owned a bakery shop where her world-renowned pastries were loved by everyone.

“Dad, what are we going to do?” Danielle asked him. Her father raised an eyebrow while he drummed his fingers on the table.

“What are you talking about Danny?” He replied, while Danielle exhaled deeply.

“The Government…” She started.

“The Government…?” 

“If I don’t become the top Wonder Child, I will be killed. Which we both know is going to happen since you didn’t really make me train a lot. You just wanted a child.” Danielle heavily sighed, and her father banged his fist on the table. Patricia came over and asked if anything was wrong but they both denied it, while Michael faced the certain future his daughter had.

“I will not let them get away with this! I shall go–“ Before Michael said anymore, there was a knock on the door. Danielle went over to answer it before being dragged outside by a man, obviously in his adulthood by the look of his facial hair, and sat down at the bench outside her house. Danielle looked at the man, and analysed him from top to bottom.

Black. Looks as if he’s in young adulthood, wearing sunglasses to cover his eyes. His clothes are very… sleuth-like. I wonder if he’s actually meant to be here.

“Who exactly ar–” Danielle unfortunately wasn’t able to start a pleasant conversation.

“I don’t have a lot of time so I’ll say this only once. You and only you need to leave with me now. I’ve been sent by the Government to kill you but I will not do such a thing to an innocent child even though you did hack the databases and acquire information you wasn’t supposed to see. We need to leave here now and protect the child that will be capable of opening the Wormhole as she will be born today.” The man said speedily.

Danielle’s mouth dropped while staring at the floor, so much information in just a short amount of words. She couldn’t help but like it.

“Still, who are you?” She asked.

“Matthew Milton, Danielle Lakewater.” Matthew smiled, and the pair of them shook hands. Danielle suddenly realised what Matthew had said and suddenly returned back to the original subject.

“Okay for one, how did you know I hacked into the databases? And two, how do you know this child is the one the Government is looking for?” Danielle asked Matthew and he relaxed himself back into the bench.

“You’re a very sharp girl.” Matthew started, “Your answer for question one is that there are cameras in your room which do see you browsing the Government databases. Answer for question two is that the Government have managed to find two adults with the most compatible genes to make a perfect child. This child will actually be able to accept more information than any other human on this planet.”

“Oh… Right.” Danielle suddenly looked back to all the embarrassing memories that took place within her house.

“We should get going then, we have to move to the house next to Crick Cabana in Willow Creek which means leaving Oasis Springs.” Matthew instructed and Danielle stood up.

“What about my parents? Can’t I say goodbye? Can’t they come with us?” Danielle asked, but Matthew shook his head.

“There is no time, the Government will be here in literally 95.4 seconds to make sure you’re not present. We have to leave now.” Matthew suddenly dragged Danielle by the arm and forced her into the back of a car. He silently put her to sleep by dabbing a patch onto her neck. Once he did that, he got into the front seat of his car and drove off.

And the rest is history.

“And then I dyed my hair blue, and changed mine and Matthew’s names. Matt wanted to keep his first name so we changed the last one.” Danielle said. However, before I could even contemplate anything she was saying, Dad walked out the bathroom door.

“You’ve been an amazing child.” Dad muttered before he dropped down to the floor slowly. I rushed over to his side with panic creeping up my skin.

“Dad. Dad, it’s not your time to go yet! You can’t leave us now! You can’t leave ME now!” I cried to him, however his body had begun to take a ghostly form. His feet started to turn transparent but with a red-ish colour forming from that. I stepped back and watched him die as the tears streamed down my eyes, I was helpless to stop Dad dying.

04-06-15_2-07 AM

It didn’t help that Alistair saw the death as well, followed by Demetri and then finally Mom when she returned home from work hours later. She turned towards the Urn that was on the table and broke down into a depressive state. Mom wouldn’t stop crying until I physically helped her into the bedroom and pulled the blanket over her head.

And then the house fell into a deep silence.


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