1.6 – The Good Wife

Marisa knew exactly what she had to do once she joined the household. She immediately set off on her own personal goal to help build this household up from the ground and into something that will be legendary.

Marisa joined the Writer’s career since she now had an actual address and started reading books straight away, more particularly a fantasy book as she decided that she wanted to explore other genre as it might give her a wider perspective.

"She braced herself as she touched the tree. Golden chains sprung from her hands as the tree started to light up, like stars. She had been chosen."

“She braced herself as she touched the tree. Golden chains sprung from her hands as the tree started to light up, like stars. She had been chosen.”

"That was a great first read!"

“That was a great first read!”

Meanwhile, Nathan had started to take up cooking properly, as watching cooking shows on the television had become a chore to watch. He believed that it was time for him to properly pick up the knife and the seasonings. While he took some fish out of the fridge, he gazed at Marisa, who was glowing a bright green which meant that she was happy.

Marisa had given Nathan the lowdown on what each colour that she glew meant. Nathan had almost fallen on the floor like he had fallen for Marisa, slowly and silently. When he regained his stance, he smiled at Marisa.

"She's trying hard. Must be that genius inside of her."

“She’s trying hard. Must be that genius inside of her.”

Nathan didn’t like the fact that there was no stereo in the house for Marisa to enjoy listening to music with, but Marisa said that he could buy her one once they had the money too. Nathan agreed of course.

An hour later, Marisa decided to travel to the library to get started on her writing skill. Being a genius, she had already memorized some writing techniques from famous authors so that she could utilize them in her writing.

When Marisa got there, the Library was empty.

Where's that tumbleweed when you need it?

Where’s that tumbleweed when you need it?

After looking around for several minutes, it was confirmed that Marisa was the only one in the library.

“Awesome!” Marisa said to herself as she walked to the nearest computer and sat down. After turning it on, she opened a brand new Word Document and began typing, she didn’t have a plan about what to write, but she thought that if she at least wrote something, an idea might spring to her mind.

04-05-24-15_8-05 PM

A few minutes later, Marisa found her writing becoming less disjointed and more flowy. The words began to flow as did the story and Marisa had finally figured out the story that she had wanted to write.

“An alien crash lands to Earth with one mission, to save it. However, along the way she meets a man and falls in love with him, even though their love is forbidden in both his world and her own. Can they overcome everything and can the alien save the world?” Marisa entered onto the keyboard just before she pressed the enter key.

Planning to slam down the return key? Good thinking.

Planning to slam down the enter key? Good thinking.

After that, the words started to come to Marisa as she was typing them on the keyboard. She began writing pages upon pages of this story, while making sure that the plot was at least flowing through a little.

While she was writing, she had started to glow green once again.

She is not a glow stick eater!

She is not a glow stick eater!

When Marisa finally remembered that no one else was in the library, she pressed her wrist. When she did press her wrist, she started to revert back to her alien form, which sat on the chair, looking straight at the computer.

"Feels... refreshing."

“Feels… refreshing.”

Three hours, fourteen cups of coffee and over six thousand words later, Marisa had finally finished all she could do for the day. She read through what she had written and started to become excited, it was an idea that she really liked.

Inspiration surged through her body like a charm, it made her look forward to returning to the library tomorrow to continue writing her book and then publishing it. Marisa decided to go for self-publishing as she thought it would be best for her to gain some readership before trying to find a publisher.

Plus, Marisa couldn’t contain her excitement very well!




The next day, Nathan was doing his daily plant check up. Weeding, watering, fertilizing and debugging were all jobs that Nathan had to accomplish in the day. Nathan didn’t have time for a job since he had to spend all day looking after the plants in their early stages, but later on, Nathan knew he would have the time to get a job.

"I see a sparkle. I SEE A SPARKLE!"

“I see a sparkle. I SEE A SPARKLE!”

As Nathan searched for the plant that had was emitting sparkles, Marisa had opened the door and walked out of the house. It was her first day on her brand new job and she was looking forward to it! As she stepped out of the house, she opened the letterbox to see if there was any mail and there was.

Bills. Marisa became scared since she knew that Nathan and her didn’t have much money in their accounts and these bills might knock them down to a miniscule amount. She opened it. $764. Marisa breathed out, they actually had enough money to pay it and have at least $500 left over for living expenses! She signed the bills and placed them back into the letterbox.

"Off you go! Go back to the people who take our money away!"

“Off you go! Go back to the people who take our money away!”

"That just put me in a great mood!"

“That just put me in a great mood!”

“Have a nice day at work!” Nathan waved from his plants, and Marisa waved back before she set off in her carpool.

Nathan finally found the plant that was sparkling and knelt down. As he touched the leaves, the plant became surrounded by glowing bubbles which touched the plant and made it increase in production and quality.

"Ooh, do I possess magic?"

“Do I possess magic?”

After evolving all of the plants he could, Nathan went inside and took a nap. When he woke up, he had the idea to make brownies as he remembered Marisa saying something about never trying them before.

However, he was never told or given a recipe by his family, so he decided to develop one on his own. After reading some recipes online, he gathered the information together to form his own recipe. After doing so, he went off and prepared the mixture.

"I think this is good enough!"

“I think this is good enough!”

However, when it came to the stirring portion of the baking, Nathan totally failed. He blamed it on being a “tough recipe.”

"I hope they come out right! Marisa needs to like these."

“I hope they come out right! Marisa needs to like these.”

Nathan was determined to make the best brownies ever for Marisa, and he knew that he wasn’t going to stop there. His passion for cooking and baking had started from here and in the future, he knew that he might be able to make much tastier meals than this.


16 thoughts on “1.6 – The Good Wife

  1. ARoseInBloom says:

    So lovely! Her eyes when she’s not in disguise are so beautiful! Really great update! I hope Nathan figures out to bake! It involves lots of measuring 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. raerei says:

    I love how they both are doing things for each other. (I know I’m reading this a second time, but since I never seemed to comment the first time around…) Marissa is worried that Nathan’s bills will be too high and doesn’t want to spoil his mood by mentioning them, Nathan bakes her a cake,


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