1.14 – Feeling Loved

"I make the best food..."

“I make the best food…”

Nathan was busy eating his BLT, which he made as he progressed through the cooking skill. He was thinking about the many flavours that were incorporated into this lovely and tasty meal. All of these thoughts were so… amazing to Nathan, and inspiring.

“Honey, can you come and read this?” Marisa asked while she was working on her brand new novel. At this rate, she was cranking out a new novel every single day.

"Can't. Busy. Eating. Food."

“Can’t. Busy. Eating. Food.”

“But, can’t you just look over thi–“ Marisa stopped herself because she knew it would be no use, Nathan had entered the Foodie zone. Marisa continued to type for several minutes before Nathan got up from his seat, washed his plate and then made his way to the bathroom. Just before he did however, he looked at Marisa’s computer and smiled.

“It’s great, as always.” Nathan smiled before walking down into the bathroom.

"Thanks honey!"

“Thanks honey!”

Nathan then walked out of the bathroom and tended to his plants. Since it was his day off today, he had the chance to tend to them during the day and have the night to himself.

The boys came home from school not long after, with excitement brimming from Callum’s eyes. It seemed that during school, he had met a lot of friends that were way older than him! Some examples of the friends he met were Taylor, Nawwaf and Olivia!

That's the look of a popular man.

That’s the look of a popular man.

However, Nathan noticed that Maven wasn’t feeling so great, he was actually sad. Maven hadn’t had the chance to make friends today since he was busy with his schoolwork and being lonely has made him upset.

"I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life!

“I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life!

Nathan quickly ran over to Maven and patted him on the back.

“Everything okay son?” Clearly not the best question as the answer was obvious.

“Not really…” Maven sulked, and Nathan ruffled his hair.

“How come?” Nathan replied and Maven looked up.

"No one talked to me in school today."

“No one talked to me in school today.”

Nathan never wanted his kids to feel alone or insecure about who they are, so he knew exactly what he wanted to say after this… after months of thinking what he would say in this situation.

“Well son, they like you or they don’t. But, the ones that like you will always be around you.” Nathan smiled and got onto his knees to give Maven a hug.

“I’ll always be your friend Maven.” Nathan smiled.

"You'll always be mine too dad!"

“You’ll always be mine too dad!”

“But you know what son? With your amazing art skills, you should paint me a picture some day.” Nathan suggested and Maven nodded.

“I’ll paint one of you and mom for sure! I promise!” Maven agreed.

“You better keep it!” Nathan said.

"Of course I will but..."

“Of course I will but…”



"When is the baby going to be born? I need to prepare."

“When is the baby going to be born? I need to prepare.”

“Soon my son. Very soon!” Nathan said before he returned to tending his plants. Maven ran inside and straight into his bedroom where he started on his homework.

Meanwhile, Callum was on the Creativity Table drawing some scribbles on the paper before Maven interrupted him.

“You know that’s not how you do it right?” Maven said, and Callum looked over.

“Well, I can do it however I want to!” Callum disagreed, while they both looked away from each other.

11-06-18-15_1-21 AM

After drawing for a bit, Callum went over to the other side of the room where he found the toy from Bunny Farm that his Dad said he would get for him. He stared right at the toy, waved at it and started to engage in a nice little conversation with it.

“Hello!” Callum smiled and it continued on from there for hours upon hours.

Callum and Unicow!

Callum and Unicow!

Soon enough, the Devine household was full of loving people who shared little moments together.

"Congratulations on your new book honey!"

“Congratulations on your new book honey!”

"Thanks for making this for me, Nathan!"

“Thanks for making this for me, Nathan!”

"Come here, brother."

“Come here, brother.”

"Well done, little munchkin."

“Well done, little munchkin.”

"You look stiff, let me massage you to relax your muscles!"

“You look stiff, let me massage you to relax your muscles!”

"THAT'S the spot!"

“THAT’S the spot!”

"Thank you, honey. You're making the pregnancy fly by so fast!"

“Thank you, honey. You’re making the pregnancy fly by so fast!”


11 thoughts on “1.14 – Feeling Loved

  1. cathytea says:

    The beginning part reminded me of my boyfriend and me when I’m writing in the living room on my laptop, and he’s in the kitchen working on something, and we both want to talk but we also both want to keep working on our projects! “Can’t. Now. Busy. Typing/Chess.” LOL! You nailed that!

    Liked by 1 person

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