1.27 – Accomplishments

Someone's not a happy bunny...

Someone’s not a happy bunny…

Marisa came home from work feeling very tense. She wanted her promotion quickly, so she worked herself to the bone today, writing a lot in such a short space of time which of course, left her feeling a bit overworked.

“When I get in, I don’t know what I’ll do.” Marisa muttered to herself as she marched up to the door. She unlocked it, slammed it open and marched inside with a powerful force.

"Hmm... what relieves stress?"

“Hmm… what relieves stress?”

Marisa looked in front of her to find the piano that she had bought recently and remembered that music can sooth the soul. So, Marisa walked over to the piano and sat down. She stretched out her fingers and started at the keys.

What should I play?, She thought as all sorts of songs played in her mind. But, she soon found the one that meant something to her and she took a deep breath.

06-18-15_7-19 PM

When her fingers touched the keys, there were some loud noises that resembled crashes and loud bangs but after a while, Marisa started to play with a melodic rhythm and she also managed to get most of the notes right.

“Hey, playing this isn’t so bad!” Marisa laughed to herself as she continued to play on the Piano.

Let's wait until you stop prodding the keys with your fingers.

Let’s wait until you stop prodding the keys with your fingers.

Although, Marisa couldn’t stop thinking about how this music was making her feel happy. She wondered how such earthly waves and pitches of sounds could make her feel this way. On JR-501, they only had simple beats and sounds, but here, it’s so diverse and relatable because each song sends its own message.

"I'm definitely going to love learning this."

“I’m definitely going to love learning this… after the crashing sounds stop!”

Meanwhile, the construction of a simple basement was complete. Although it was inaccessible for now,  Marisa used her telekinetic powers to transport the collectibles her family have collected into the basement. Of course, that included opening a hole in the floor and then closing it once more.

But, once everything was inside, it looked brighter and more complete. This basement was only temporary as they had already drawn up a massive plan for the basement, and it looked pretty awesome!

06-18-15_7-29 PM

 Upstairs in the bedroom, Maven was busy playing with his violin. He saw his mother playing some melodies and decided to join in as well as he thought that one day, his mother and him could play some music together.

Although, it was never said that what Maven was playing sounded any good.

"It sounds bad now, but it'll be awesome later!"

“It sounds bad now, but it’ll be awesome later!”

Later on in the evening, Maven had become inspired to do one last piece of art. He knew that his wall was becoming too large, and his inspiration was running out plus, he didn’t like the fact that he had to take three showers a day to get rid of all the crafting stuff that had assembled on his body while he was crafting.

So, Maven sat down with his rainbow glitter and stared at it.

“Let’s have one last adventure, eh?” Maven said to the bottle of glitter as he started to make his last masterpiece.

06-18-15_7-34 PM

06-18-15_7-36 PM

As Maven finished his last masterpiece, he looked up at the wall as he placed the last picture on. He had finally completed his goal of being an Artistic Prodigy and he hoped that when he turns into a teenager, he would be able to gather more inspiration from the environment around him to produce more lovely paintings.

“I’m really somethin’ special.” Maven complimented himself as he looked up at all of the pictures that he ever made.

Jumping Freezer Bunnies! That's a lot of pictures.

Jumping Freezer Bunnies! That’s a lot of pictures.

"I think I'm going to be more active from now on..."

“I think I’m going to be more active from now on…”

Now, to finish it all off, there was a sudden eruption of a plant! A cowplant!

This makes Nathan's Aspiration complete!

This makes Nathan’s Aspiration complete!

And Marisa liked staring at the mail woman in such an evil way.

What are you plotting?!

What are you plotting?!

Overall, the Devine Household was once again, at peace and they were ready to face whatever challenges that they had coming to them.


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    • SummerFalls says:

      Thanks! I think after this recent game session, I earned a few more points as well. Plus, yeah! Marisa is never usually angry, but she’s tense sometimes.


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