1.58 – Musical Mentor

Following Marisa’s completion of her Piano Skill, she felt like she had to pass down her skills to someone she felt worthy of accepting her talents, and since June was going to be the heir to the legacy, she thought that June learning a bit of the Piano Skill would enable her to pass down the Piano Skill to future generations.

“So, what you first do is put your hands on the piano and acquaint yourself with all the keys, from A to G including all of the sharps or minors.” Marisa instructed June as June began to play a few notes on the piano, not that they were very sweet sounding at all.

"That sounds... okay!"

“That sounds… okay!”

“I’m having lots of fun with this, mom!” June smiled as she continued to smash her hands down on the keyboard, much to Marisa’s dismay. However, soon enough June began to match her rhythms and develop a sweet melody that Marisa started to dance a little too.

“This sounds sweet like honey, oooh.” Marisa said as she closed her eyes and felt the music in her soul before opening her eyes to look over at her daughter.

08-12-15_6-44 PM-2

“This is going really brilliantly so far. Keep it up, June!”

After June had a little bit of an improvisation session, Marisa moved a piece of sheet music in front of June, who looked up at Marisa confused. June didn’t know how to read music, so Marisa spent the next half an hour going through what everything on the sheet meant to June.

“So, this means A, and this means C#. Oh and this is also a break, so don’t play when a break happens. And, I think we’re done! PLAY AWAY MY DAUGHTER!” Marisa giggled as she awaited June to start playing. And then she did and Marisa sighed as all that came out of the Piano was high screeches and low bangs.

"We still have a lot of work to do..."

“We still have a lot of work to do…”

Trying a simpler piece of music, Marisa placed it in front of June with all the notes already annotated on the sheet. And luckily for Marisa, June was able to play it without a single problem at all. Sure, it took a few tries to get used to the pacing and how fast she had to get from one end of the piano to another, but it became sweet sounding in the end.

“Loving this.” Marisa smiled as she swayed herself left to right.

Gotta love this Mother/Daughter Bonding Time.

Gotta love this Mother/Daughter Bonding Time.

After three hours of tutoring June in Music, Marisa realised that she had finished everything she had ever wanted to do in music. She even went onto realising that she’s finished all of her life goals and now she just wants to grow old with Nathan and spend the rest of their lives together in this house. She felt that warming satisfaction that she had searched for her entire life, that feeling that no matter what happens to her now, Marisa will feel content with leaving the world.

"That's supposed to be an E, not a D!"

“That’s supposed to be an E, not a D!”

But, she also loved being alive too.


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