1.65 – Transition

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Even on her birthday, June was focused on meditation when the sun rose. She had been feeling more and more focused lately thanks to her meditation and it also made her feel more calm when it came to nervous situations, so her meditation was solely based on calming her nerves for her birthday today.

June thought about all of the things that would be piled upon her in the future, and even though she didn’t feel ready for it, she knew that once she got into the role of everything, it would be as easy as can be for her to manage everything. But, today was her birthday and she wanted to take her mind off of everything, and as she did she felt herself feel weightless as she rose into the air.

"I am balanced, I am equal, I am complete."

“I am balanced, I am equal, I am complete.”

June smiled to herself as she lowered herself down to the ground and stood up on her own two feet. She picked up her meditation table as she walked back to the house and as she did, her mother sat on the table with her homework book in hand.

“You still haven’t done your homework.” Marisa tapped her foot as June sighed and sat down on the table.

“I don’t need to! I’m never going to be able to give it in!”

“I shall have none of that from you! Fill it out!” Marisa shouted as she plopped the book in front of June and sniggered a little.

"These questions are so easy..."

“These questions are so easy…”

“Are they? That’s nice.” Marisa nodded as she ate some chips from the bowl.

June was working her way through the questions on the page, and she found them both easy and confusing. Why would her teacher assign her such easy homework? It bothered June, but she was going to finish this homework so that she could leave the room.

“Oh yeah! I’m almost done!” June smiled as she reached the last page, and before she started to answer any of the questions, she realised that there was a name label and the name written by the side wasn’t hers. “MOM. Why is the name, ‘Grace’ on my homework?”

“Oh, it’s not yours dear. It’s mine! I just wanted to tell you that Season Two of Legacies of the Sims is starting on October 12th!”

“REALLY? YES!” June smiled but then looked at her mother once more, “I’m going to see Dad. I can’t believe you tricked me.” June got up from the chair and walked through the living room and into the Greenhouse, where her father was busy gardening and when he got a spare minute, he went over to June and gave her a big hug.

"My daughter."

“My daughter!”

“Hi Dad! How’re you feeling today?” June asked as Nathan had been feeling under the weather recently and she wanted to make sure he was going to be okay for the party today.

“I am, but what about you? Are you ready? All eyes will be on you today.” Nathan replied and June nodded her head.

“Yeah, better now than never.” June giggled as Nathan took out his phone.

“Can I take a picture? For Social Media purposes?”

“Fine!” June laughed as she posed in a picture with her father, and the pair of them smiled together as Nathan snapped the photo.

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That’s one word to describe it. When we move on to a new person’s story, a new person’s point of view or a new person taking the lead role, we notice a transition in the story and the transition of the atmosphere. Nathan provided such a happy atmosphere at the start of the legacy, when things were at their hardest and even when he had nothing, he always had a bright smile on his face. But, what will June bring? That’s a mystery yet to be solved.

 A couple of hours later, the party had started and the guests were slowly arriving. Nathan got to work on the cake right away, taking the ingredients out of the fridge and then placing them down onto the counter top.

“Now, let’s make the best cake ever for my daughter.” Nathan smiled as he clapped his hands together.

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Meanwhile, June, Callum and Summer Holiday got to play a quick game of Poker together, to everyone’s surprise. They wondered how Callum and June knew how to play Poker and the truth was, they learnt through online games and they were pretty good at it as well.

“Are you going to call or fold?” Callum asked June as his eyebrow raised and June looked at her cards before setting them down onto the table.

“I fold.” June replied as Callum laughed, as he looked at his cards.

“I’m totally going to win.” He whispered before Summer Holiday showed her cards to June and June knew that she would totally vanquish him.



Nathan had made a strawberry cake for June, as she had once commented that it was her favourite. And, as she walked over to the cake, the candles lit up and everyone gathered to sing Happy Birthday to her.

“Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, Dear Junebug…
Happy Birthday to you!”

“Make a Wish!” Marisa shouted as June stared down at her candles, and thought about the wish she would want. What should she wish for? June knew what blowing out the candles meant, but she didn’t have a wish, she didn’t have anything to wish for. She did think of one though, straight afterwards.

"Let me meet a good man!" June thought to herself.

“Let me meet a good man!” June thought to herself.




Now, out of all of the guests at the party, Callum was only interested in one. Veronica. She had made it to June’s party just as they were singing Happy Birthday, and she also managed to join in with the cheering too as Callum watched her. Callum noticed how beautiful Veronica looked in her dress, and the necklace she was wearing was pretty too.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

If you keep staring, you'll burn a hole in her face!"

Can someone explain why Taylor is dressed like that?

Callum took Veronica’s hand and dragged her over to the corner of the dining area, where they both stared into each other’s eyes.

“So, you made it.” Callum said to Veronica as their hands slowly touched, and they held each other’s hands.

“Yeah, I did.”

“I’ve missed you so much!”

“I’ve missed you too!”

“Excuse me? Why has my birthday party turned into a sappy romance novel?” June asked as she looked over to Callum and Veronica hugging each other and she smiled. She guessed that she’d allow it for today.



And then as they separated, Callum gave Veronica a quick kiss on the lips, which was completely unexpected. And, as he drew away from her, she looked at him in awe. The boy that she met, and the man that he has become acted the same, and did everything the same but she knew that he had a lot more confidence, and she found that quite sexy.



"Can we be in a relationship now?"

“Can we be in a relationship now?”

“I thought we already were…” Veronica replied and Callum laughed.

“RIGHT, yeah! But, for anniversary purposes, it starts today.” Callum continued to laugh as Veronica nodded her head in agreement.

Looking back at this past generation, the Devine Family has grown into such a wonderful family in a short space of time. The seeds of the tree have sown and they’ve started to take numerous branches and now, it’s becoming something really special. We have an Alien as a mother, half-aliens as children and a father who is so so happy and it couldn’t have been any better.

08-13-15_5-38 AM

I really like their dance moves!

“You know, I think this calling that the Maker gave me was one of the best things in my life. I’ve got a beautiful wife, and three amazing children who are grown up and now making their own life choices. It brings sadness to see that my final child is growing up, but it also makes me feel proud of every single one of them, for standing up and being themselves. I hope that the Maker is equally as generous as June leads the family in the Second Generation. Thank you.” Nathan smiled as the looked up to the sky, or rather the ceiling. He looked up!

This picture brings me so much hope for Gen 2.

This picture brings me so much hope for Gen 2.


This picture makes me worried about Gen 2.

This picture brings me so much worry for Gen 2.

What adventures will June bring in Generation Two? It’s a mystery! This is the official end to Generation One of the Devine Legacy, and it’s been a blast. Here’s to Generation Two!

*Promo Picture*

*Promo Picture*


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