2.14 – Double Date

A couple of weeks after June and Wesley began dating, Callum suggested that the couple go on a double date with him and Veronica. June quickly agreed and the siblings settled on a small café in the town of Windenburg. Windenburg, only being the latest hotspot on the map only began popular after it’s modernisation in certain districts, however much of it’s natural heritage remains throughout the city.

When the day had come, everyone gathered outside of the café, but Wesley, who couldn’t wait to get a coffee and some cake, already decided to run on ahead before anyone else so that he could secure his place in the queue.

“Wait for me!” June shouted, but Wesley didn’t hear her.

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“Let’s go on in then, shall we?”

June held Veronica’s hand as the two girls walked in together, Callum walking in right behind the two of them.

“I’ll order us coffee, find us a table?” June asked Veronica, while looking towards the menu to see what drink she would want to get. She was feeling something sweet but also something that gave a bit of a kick.

“Alright, make sure to get me my Caramel and Fudge Hot Chocolate!” Veronica smiled, not long before she found a table and quickly rushed over to it before it was taken. Callum told his order to June as well, just an espresso, before going to sit down at the table too.

June’s turn in the queue came up soon enough, and the Barista smiled at her before speaking, “Hello! Welcome to The Café, what would you like to order?”

"I'd like one caramel and fudge hot chocolate, one espresso and one chai latte please."

“I’d like one caramel and fudge hot chocolate, one espresso and one chai latte please.”

“Coming right up! Take an electronic disk and it’ll beep when your order has finished.” The Barista replied and pointed over to the electronic disks. June took one and began to wait over by the entrance. Meanwhile, Callum, Veronica and Wesley were sat at the table having a conversation about the latest episode of ‘Starting Again’.

“You’re kidding, right? Emma could’ve totally saved Matt from the rubble falling on top of him. If she had just reached out and pulled him away then he wouldn’t have died!” Veronica debated, but Callum was quick to disagree.

“No, no, no. Emma would’ve died along with Matt. Plus, there was no time anyway. The group was close to completing their objective for the land they were in and so sacrifices had to be made.” Callum debated back.

"If you aren't with me on this one Wesley, I'm not sure if I can accept you."

“If you aren’t with me on this one Wesley, I’m not sure if I can accept you.”

Wesley, who was too busy smelling the roasted coffee in the air, quickly snapped back into the conversation and managed to quickly pick up what was happening. He agreed with Veronica entirely but he wanted to win Callum’s approval.

“I agree with Veronica, she should’ve saved him.” Wesley stood his ground firmly as Callum’s eyebrow raised.

“I like you.” Callum laughed not long before June came to the table with the drinks, although there wasn’t enough room for June to sit down comfortably. So, they moved over to the sofas.

"So, how many dates have you been on so far?"

“So, how many dates have you been on so far?”

“We’ve been on three so far, isn’t that right Wesley?” June asked Wes.

“Yeah, we went to the park and had a picnic, had a meal at a restaurant and also sat and watched some films together on the television!” Wesley explained and Veronica loved the fact that their dates were simple yet so romantic!

“So, where’s the coffee? I don’t see it on the table.” Veronica questioned, and June was alarmed at the fact the tray wasn’t at the table.

“Did we, drink it already? And did they clean it up already?” June wondered, but no one knew the answer, it was like time had flown too much for them and they didn’t notice.

“I think we did Junebug.” Wes sighed as he looked out the window. However, Callum and June came up with an idea to lift everyone’s spirits.

"Let's go out to the bay!"

“Let’s go out to the bay!”

With the many confused looks on Wesley and Veronica’s faces, Callum took Veronica there first while June kept Wes behind for a couple of minutes. She wanted to quickly talk to him before they left.

“You know, meeting you has just added to the awesomeness that is life. Now, come here.” June smiled as she pulled Wesley into a kiss.

These two are too adorable.

These two are too adorable.

Afterwards, the pair of them ran after Veronica and Callum towards the bay area where they watched the tide come in. It felt peaceful but also serene as they watched the moon rise up in the sky. June braced herself as Veronica slowly pulled her away without the boys noticing.

“You’re going to do it, aren’t you? I can tell by the look on your face!” Veronica whispered and June laughed slightly, but nodded at her question.

“Yeah. I hope he says yes though. I want Mom and Dad to see their heir at least get married before death takes them.What happens if he thinks I’m rushing things since we only started dating a couple of weeks ago?” June was worried but Veronica wanted to be there and reassure June that everything was going to be okay.

“If he truly wants to be with you, then he will say yes no matter what.” Veronica reassured June, and she giggled.

“I even picked out my dress already! Look!” June took out her phone and showed Veronica.

"That. Is. Beautiful."

“That. Is. Beautiful.”

Returning back to the boys, June slowly braced herself as she turned Wesley around and smiled to him, but a wave of nervousness overcame her as she froze in front of him. She had never done something more scary in her life, something out of her control. She was used to being able to become one with nature and control the natural elements around her, control her own destiny as an heir, but at this point in her life, everything was slowly moving out of her control and into the natural probabilities of the world. Because of that, she was scared.

However, her natural breathing techniques that she learnt from the Wellness Skill helped sooth her soul as she stood in front of Wesley.

"Breathe. Breathe. Breathe."

“Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.”

“You’re not dying are you?” Wesley asked and June shook her head.

“Listen. I’m not the best as explaining how I feel, nor am I the best at saying great and powerful speeches. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be perfect but I want to be good enough to be someone that you’d like to spend the rest of your life with. In the months that we’ve known each other, I’ve grown closer to you, liked you and loved you and I realise that even with all of your flaws, I love you for who you are. And, the person that you are is the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with.” June explained, and Wesley stood there in shock as June continued to speak, “What I’m trying to say is…”

"Are you ready to become my Legacy Spouse? Will you marry me?"

“Are you ready to become my Legacy Spouse? Will you marry me?”

“You better say yes.” Callum thought to himself, while Veronica was too busy tweeting and messaging everyone what was happening at the current time. Wesley however, was completely taken aback by everything. His proposing thunder was stolen away before he had the chance to propose, and June had delivered something so sincere he knew he couldn’t say no. But, he had to top her speech since it was beautiful.

“June, even though we first met in the wrong circumstances, you still stuck by me through thick and thin. We began to know each and every version of ourselves, when we’re happy, sad, drunk, sick, and even a little bit insane. Through our friendship blossomed our close bond of love, which grew as we grew closer together and now, I love you for who you are and you should never change. But, I can’t say yes.” Wesley sighed and June’s heart shattered, what was he talking about? “Because I have to say, HELL YES!”

June placed the ring on Wesley’s finger as they both began cheering to each other!



Veronica had even messaged Maven, Marisa and Nathan about the news, and each and every one were so excited to get the wedding organised and under way!

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    • Joel says:

      I still have to finish your legacy, but I shall get there! But yeah, it might have something to do with the Wellness Skill, since they meditate and probably learn various breathing techniques throughout.

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