The Wonder Child – Chapter Six – Literary Goods

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“So… why exactly are we here Athena? We have bookcases and computers at home.”  Orion asked while he scratched his head. It was true that they had the necessities they had at home, but Orion had forgotten something that Athena had cleverly remembered.

“Oh, you forgetful frank. Don’t you remember? You sent those construction workers to work on our lot since you didn’t want the bleedin’ government changing our house again without your permission!” Athena reminded Orion and he gave a sigh of remembrance.

“Ahhh, I remember! Oh, thanks for bringing back those bad memories by the way.” Orion muttered and Athena laughed.

“You know I love you.” Athena said, and she gave Orion a kiss on the cheek before they both headed into the Library together.

Athena had decided to investigate the shelves for any good new books that might help her along with her pregnancy, she was on her second trimester and she thought it was time that she had some insight into what taking care of a baby will be like.

Athena had found a book and opened it up, it was about a queen and a baby prince which had to run into hiding after their kingdom was overthrown. As she read it, a massive smile sprung on her face as there were really detailed pictures. Athena loved to paint and seeing these pictures made her smile.


“The Queen picked up her little child and cradled him in her arms. This is just too cute, I can’t wait to hold my little one in my arms! Orion, come look at this!” Athena called Orion over who was busy trying to find a book of his own, but he came over to Athena anyways.

 “Yeah?” Orion answered. With the child being born soon, Orion knew it was important to obey Athena’s needs just so she won’t go all hormonal on him. He scratched his head gently as he listened to Athena.

 “Well, this book, even though it’s a fictional book, it really has good parenting tips for parents. I want this book. I NEED THIS BOOK.” Athena ordered and Orion nodded, he told her to go look for other book as well too. Athena soon found an actual pregnancy book and picked it up, and Orion found the latest Game of Groans book, so he took that and went off to read with Athena.


The Library was silent apart from two teenage boys over in the computer area who kept shouting over some video game they were playing. Athena was enjoying her pregnancy book which she found relatable quite a lot actually. This child is something that was meant to happen to her, and this pregnancy book told her it’s a sign of good things.

Meanwhile, Orion was really into the new Game of Groans book, he found out that Soffrey Maratheon was just poisoned and Simsei Bannister is grieving over his death. Overall, the world of Simsteros is one that is both unforgiving and kind.

“Soffery Maratheon was never a good ruler anyway.” Orion muttered to himself.

The Librarian soon came over to Orion and Athena and told them that they can either borrow the books or stop reading them. In the end, Orion and Athena borrowed the books but they had to stop reading them for now, as Athena found out that she had to send an email to the government. She only just remembered.

Athena was joined by Orion at the computers while she was sending the email to the government, even though using a public computer was unwise, it was the safest option that she thought of.


Athena began to type her email up to the Government;

“Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss Government people,

Uh… I’m not really sure how to tell you this. I’m pregnant and I’m having a child, thought you should know.

K Bye.”

Athena thought it was very short and perfect, but she knew that using that ‘K’ was so unprofessional. But she didn’t really care. Afterwards, Athena and Orion played a few games of Death Run on SimCraft.

“Hahaha, I killed you! Death leaves no survivors.” Orion cheered, but Athena decided to give Orion a death glare.

“Oh. I will get my revenge on you Orion. I swear it upon the seven suns and moons of Simberia.” Athena muttered under her breath.

“What?” Orion asked gleefully.

“Nothing!” Athena quickly replied.


“Orion, today has been a really really lovely day. We’ve gotten to know a lot more people, plus we’ve been able to get a lot more done! I think we’ll be great parents.” Athena wondered.

“I agree.” Orion smiled, and he took Athena home.


17 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Six – Literary Goods

  1. Lux Conant says:

    “The Librarian soon came over to Orion and Athena that they can either borrow the books or stop reading them.”

    I was at the library with the founder of my new disney princess challenge, she still doesn’t own a computer or a bookcase. I saw that she could put the books in her inventory, does that mean she can take them with her? lol I put it back, but she couldn’t buy any from the computer, I don’t know how it works when you don’t have a bookcase at home.

    Liked by 1 person

    • winterrising says:


      *quickly edits bahahaha*

      But yeah, that does seem kind of strange. But what the librarian doesn’t know won’t hurt them. 😉


  2. Alistryn says:

    Now that was so sweet!

    Your story is so interesting, who is this government anyway? And the murder, creepy, plus I thing it’s a failed wonder child project or maybe the parents where on the project and when they found out what would happen of their child, they fled and the government found them and “canceled” the project! 😉

    But really I’m soooo curious!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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