S-GAS Simselves: The Bar

While Karen decided to tend at the bar, Joel, Sarafina, Debbie and Loves all came and sat down on the bar stools. Usually, Joel on the other side of the screen wouldn’t be allowed to drink because it’s illegal, but in the Sims world, Joel Rochdale could drink because he’s a young adult.

04-14-15_8-15 PM-2

“So this is what a bar looks like up close.” Joel muttered while gliding his hand across the bar surface. He looked up to see that the other women were busy looking at the alcohol that was placed on the shelves.

“Tang and Zing please.” Loves ordered before returning to play video games on her phone.

“Juice on the Rocks for me. Make it snappy.” Sarafina followed afterwards, she looked over at Debbie who finally had decided her order.

“Sweet and Spicy sounds like an interesting combination.” Debbie wondered, and certifying her order.

“Prose and Pop then for me?” Joel ordered as well before the other ladies turned towards him.

04-14-15_8-16 PM

“You’re going to drink alcohol?” Sarafina asked and Joel gave a slight nod.

“Hey, I’ve never tried it before so what time like the present, ey?” Him and Sarafina started to laugh afterwards, although it was weird for Joel at first, he soon got used to the idea that he could do many things that Joel on the other side of the screen couldn’t do.

“That’s true, drink up then when it’s made.” Sarafina said with a smile. Karen did take her time to make the drinks, however it didn’t matter because Joel and Sarafina spent quite a bit of time talking to each other.

04-14-15_8-18 PM

“Ah, so you’re going to be in your own story soon?” Sarafina asked and Joel nodded, “How long is it?”

“Well, I’m not sure but I think me and SummerFalls have planned at least 5 books.” Joel smiled and Sarafina paused.

“Books?” She asked interested.

“Like a season of a show, it’s a book in a series of adventures.” Joel answered and Sarafina smiled, she seemed content with Joel’s answer. “So, what about you? Any stories yet?”

04-14-15_8-18 PM-2

“Me? I don’t have a story of my own.” Sarafina said.

“That’s fine. You’re pretty awesome so you don’t have to worry about a story of your own because you already have the awesomeness that comes with having a story.” Joel smiled and Sarafina took her drink that Karen made and drank it down.

“Thanks Mate.” She smiled contently. Sarafina had then begun to tell a story about some random sims that she had encountered on her way to the Simself Simposium.

04-14-15_8-19 PM

“It happened like this. I was walking down the streets of Oasis Springs when this random townie comes up to me and asks me
Of course, I tried to get away from him, but he kept following me everywhere like a stalker!” Sarafina started to tell.

“Oh my plumbob, that’s creepy!” Loves interrupted before Sarafina continued on with her story.

“And so, he asked me again
This time, I looked over to him like this.” Sarafina pulled the face and pose she looked at the creepy man with.

04-14-15_8-19 PM-3

“And I said, no word of a lie, 
The man ran off and I haven’t seen him since!” Sarafina finished off and everyone looked to her in awe.

“You are totally brave.” Debbie complimented and Sarafina turned to her.

04-14-15_8-19 PM-5

“I wasn’t being brave, I was just saving my own skin.” Sarafina admitted and everyone had begun to applaud for her amazing efforts to get away from the ridiculous man. Loves suddenly looked like she had an idea while Debbie continued discussing something from the last session.

04-14-15_8-22 PM-2

“Eureka!” Loves shouted.

“You know, I find it interesting that our sims can have their own stories and their histories which are greatly different from our own.” Debbie started, and Joel looked over to her.

“That’s an interesting point, however I believe that Karen wanted to say something.” Joel replied before they all looked at Karen who was prepared to say what she was going to say.

04-14-15_8-22 PM-4

“How were my drinks? I added a little pizazz into them.” Karen asked, and Sarafina looked up worried.

“What… did you add?” Sarafina’s voice sounded worried and cautious.

“Nothing much, just the liquor and a tad of blended s—d” Karen purposely whispered the last word.

“What is it? Or I’ll get something bad to happen!” Sarafina threatened.

“Ok, Blended Squid. Happy?” Karen admitted and the faces on everyone dropped.

“WHAT?!” They all shouted.

04-14-15_8-23 PM

Featuring FloorRaisin, Lovesstorms, VanityHigh and Carewren123’s Simselves. You can check out their blogs among all the other participants, HERE!


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