S-GAS Simselves Farewell Party: Saying Goodbye

04-26-15_7-35 PM

The party had gotten off to a great start! People had been going in and out of the party area grabbing cake and other delightful desserts and making their way to the living room area where they began to watch a film together. Sarafina and Sunny walked in together and sat near Manda and Bill. Soon after, they were joined by others while Manda had to get up and get more cake.

04-26-15_7-38 PM

“These cupcakes are to die for.” Mark said to Jamie, and Jessica’s head popped up.

“To die for you say…?” She sniggered, Jamie fanned her hand at Jessica before looking back to Mark with a smile.

“I really love the effort Joel went into making this party happen. But, we need to also get the word out about Honorary Simselves.” And that’s where Jamie introduced everyone, one by one, to the idea of Honorary Simselves.

“That sounds splendid.” Bill smiled before getting up from his chair to go dance. Sunny looked over at Mark with a discontented expression.

04-26-15_7-39 PM

“What’s up, Sunny?” Mark asked, and Sunny looked up.

“This can’t work out, if we see each other again it’ll be too soon. Don’t try to contact me.” And with that, Sunny went on to ignore Mark for the rest of the party.

“Wha– Ok.” Mark sniffed. He tried to hold back the tears. Meanwhile, Joel had finally joined everyone in the living area and he sat next to Jamie where they engaged in a conversation.

04-26-15_7-40 PM

“I really like these Profiteroles.” Jamie stated, and Joel smiled.

“I’ll give you the recipe before you leave! You shou–” Joel was stopped by Jamie’s sad expression growing on her face.

“That’s the thing. I don’t want to leave! It’s really fun where we are now.” Jamie giggled and Joel thought about it for a second.

“How about you come into my Story world when it becomes a thing?” Joel suggested and Jamie nodded.

“That’s an amazing idea!” Jamie smiled and they continued to talk for a while longer.

Meanwhile, MsPhy has been busy with SimsForever, it seems her sims are about to WooHoo in the hot tub! For younger readers, please skip past the screenshot below. 🙂

04-26-15_7-40 PM-2

While Karen actually managed to pull a smile! It must be the inevitable doom of her soon leaving for the Alien Breeding Program that has been made because of the Get to Work expansion pack!

04-26-15_7-41 PM

However, it seems Debbie has become slightly intoxicated after the juice she drank– isn’t that a foul cloud coming from it?!

04-26-15_7-42 PM

“IT’S MY JUICE AND I RULE THIS PARTAY! LET’S DANCE!” Debbie managed to say before she fell down onto the sofa. She sat upright and still the drink didn’t fall out of the cup! It must be one of the Game Mechanics.

 Joel and Jamie soon engaged in a selfie together, they wanted to see what it would be like to actually have a skill for photos now! However, SummerFalls clicked the wrong button and no photography experience was gained!

04-26-15_7-44 PM

Jessica came down the stairs soon afterwards and walked over to Joel.

“Hey little bro.” Jessica smiled and Joel looked over to her.

“You make this so hard for me!” Joel laughed. But, the sadness was too much for him and he launched himself into a hug with Jessica.

04-26-15_7-46 PM

“I’m going to miss you so much.” Joel mumbled while he buried his head into Jessica’s shoulder.

“I’m going to miss you too. But hey, I might actually get to stay here so don’t be so sad yet!” Jessica remarked. They both then smiled at each other before walking into the party room.

Bill had been staring at MsPhy’s plate for some time now.

04-26-15_7-47 PM

“Are you going to eat that?” Bill asked, licking his lips.

“Yes. Yes I am.” MsPhy said before everyone started to dance.

“Uh… Jamie. Your hand went straight through me.” Jessica laughed.

04-26-15_7-48 PM

“OH! I’m so sorry, are you okay?” Jamie asked worryingly.

“I’m surprisingly fine!” Jessica assured Jamie that no harm was done to her. And then everyone engaged in a nice dance!

04-26-15_7-49 PM

04-26-15_7-53 PM

04-26-15_7-50 PM-3

04-26-15_7-50 PM-2

04-26-15_7-50 PM

Joel soon managed to escape from the party and walk into the living area. He sat down on the couch that faced the party room and watched as everyone danced.

04-26-15_7-54 PM

Everyone’s had a great time.

Well, that’s due to the combined effort of the both of us.

You’re here, SummerFalls?

Of course I am! I’m always here when you least expect it. Anyways, you did amazingly well during this past sim-week! For me, it’s been two months.

Two months? It took you that long? Lazy slack– Oh. You had exams didn’t you?


Sorry. But, I did enjoy myself a lot!

04-26-15_7-54 PM-2

How so?

Well, I learnt a lot of things from Cathy Tea who I probably conversed with the most, even though your blog doesn’t show it. She was really helpful with getting to be comfortable with who I am and what purpose I live for.

And? What were the results?

I think I’m okay with being your simself. Everyone has great experiences and gets along with their players well. Take Jamie and her player and Karen and hers, they get along really well as I know. Although, I’m not sure about Jessica and her player… I hope they both don’t like murdering innocent non-Pruett Pruetts!

I hope not, Jes2G seems like a wonderful woman! Plus, she’s too busy with her new site to be killing innocent non-Pruett Pruetts. However, I’m glad you’ve finally accepted the responsibilities of a simself.

04-26-15_7-54 PM-3

You know…

What is it? Did you do something to the computer again?

No, it’s not that. It’s just… if we do get to ever do one of these again… count me in.

Oh! I’d be glad if you wanted to do one of these again! Would it still be on simselves or-

Maybe. I’m not sure yet. Come back to me later.

Okay… Question! What would you say is your favourite memory of the Simself Simposium?

04-26-15_7-54 PM-5

Probably the Second Session, where I got to talk with some of the other participants about their experiences and their compatibility to their players. It really opened my eyes as to how a Simself and a player bonds together. Sometimes, it takes a while to make the bond like me and you. But for others, it happens instantly and it can take them to faraway places.

Beautiful, now this gameplay screen says the party has ended so you should now let everyone leave.

Talk to you later.

04-26-15_7-57 PM

And soon enough, everyone left the Simself Simposium. After saying their final goodbyes, they all headed out into the world, while a token of their time here still remained in the Performance Park, where it will forever remain.

04-26-15_7-58 PM

And then the Simself Simposium for Game Aware Sims came to an end.

All is well.

For a final time, you can find everyone’s blogs on the S-GAS Page HERE. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been patient with me about these sessions but also to all the participants and their amazing players without whom I wouldn’t even have been able to do these sessions at all! 🙂

Thank you!

S-GAS Simselves Session 3: Becoming Your Own Person

Following the unfortunate deletion of the screenshots of the third session (thank you little sister.) , the participants & Joel met up on the backyard balcony to recap what had happened in that session which includes the unfortunate death of a townie, Kendall Pruett.

(We have not notified Debbie VanHigh as there is a relationship bar between the two. She’s leaving soon, so let her leave on a positive note!)

04-25-15_5-08 PM

 “Earlier on today we all partook in a the third and FINAL session of the Simself Simposium, ‘Becoming your own person!’. I think we all learnt things from this last session and I think it would be great if we shared everything we did with each other. As you know, this session was all about trying new skills that our players wouldn’t really try by themselves or ones that you’ve always wanted to try. So, who would like to share first?” Joel briefed the participants, he smiled at each one as they looked at each other with cautious eyes.

“Don’t be shy!” Jessica said from the back, and slowly they all turned to face Joel, and there was a brief silence until Joel continued to talk.

04-25-15_5-08 PM-2

“Hm… I guess I’ll go first! This session, I decided to take up the Athletic & Violin skill. Since my player did try to learn the violin once, but after high school started he got so busy that he couldn’t play it anymore. Also, I took up the athletic skill because my player isn’t really athletic but he’s really good with the Javalin.” Joel explained, and then Jamie began to also say what she had experienced during this session.

04-25-15_5-09 PM
“I decided to take up the Gardening skill because ARoseInBloom can’t really do it since she lives in an apartment so she doesn’t have a space to garden at all! Although, I can’t stand getting my everyday clothes dirty so I wore my athletic clothes to the session since those clothes are made to get dirty. I managed to find some seeds around and about the park and I planted them in a planter box. After that, Gardening became really easy to learn and take up! I hope that ARoseInBloom takes it up when she gets a house!” Jamie also explained about what she did in the session.

“I hope so too! Even though Gardening in the player’s world is a bit more complicated that sim gardening.” Joel smiled. Jamie gave a slight nod where Karen coughed many times, and then stretched her hands out.

04-25-15_5-10 PM
“I played the Piano on the state and did a duet with Joel during the session. My player was in a band during her school years and she LOVED it, but she doesn’t want to bust out a boring old flute. I guessed that the Piano would be a much more interesting instrument to learn. And it was! I loved playing all the different melodies that popes into my head and I also liked the way that my playing style changed as I levelled up in the skill. I really hope that I can play you all something at the farewell party.” Karen giggled, she was excited to share her new found hobby with everyone. Before she could talk more about notes and bars, Jessica interrupted her with her own version of her S-GAS session.

04-25-15_5-10 PM-2
“I took up Handiness because I like being able to do things myself. Knowing how to fix or make things on my own is something I aim to achieve and I enjoy things I can do with my hands. It makes me appreciate things more in life and when I created sculptures on the woodworking table, I really was loving all the processes that was going on and the way that my hands worked into the wood and carved such amazing shapes.” Jessica said, and everyone made a sort of realisation face.

04-25-15_5-11 PM
“So it’s like when we all work with our own hands, we appreciate it much more in the end.” Jamie stated and Manda nodded.

“I agree with you there, I definitely like it more when I do something with my own hands.” Manda agreed, Mark then looked around and watched everyone before speaking.

“Meanwhile, I-“ Mark tried to say what he got up to in the session but he was interrupted by–

04-25-15_5-11 PM-2
“I think it’s important that we show our dedication to our players to show that we can try and become different but also similar to them. I believe that we can be our own person, but we still need our player’s guidance to stop us from doing something really stupid, like setting a kitchen on fire.” Jamie finished and everyone gave a slight round of applause.

“I really like that.” Joel complimented while Jamie thanked him. Mark had been waving his hand around for a while, and Joel only then just noticed it.

“Ok Mark, you can go next if you wish.” Joel acknowledged before Mark began his little recap.

04-25-15_5-11 PM-3
“Right! I decided to use the Rocket Science skill and build up a giant rocket ship! Even though I have mastered the skill, I think it’s a really fun skill to learn and do, although it did lead to the death of a townie and that’s something that I’ll regret for a long time.” Mark sighed, while slight sniggers from Jessica could be heard from the other side of the table.

“Is something funny, Jessica?” Jamie inquired before Jessica burst out into a fit of laugher before stopping herself and returning back to normal.

04-25-15_5-12 PM-2
“Nothing is the matter, but there can only be ONE Pruett Family. I must protect the Pruett Family name and purge all Pruetts who are not part of my player’s Pruett Family tree! Mwhahahaha!” Jessica plotted. Who invited Jes2Godfather to this Simposium? (yes, weird interjection by SummerFalls 🙂 )

“Oh! Oh! Meanwhile, I learnt the Charisma skill in front of this huge mirror wall outside. I think it was especially built for me! But still, I learnt a brand new joke!” Manda coughed before telling everyone this hit joke that she had taught herself, “What does a nosey pepper do?” 

“I don’t know…” Everyone else said in unison.

04-25-15_5-13 PM
“Gets jalapeño business! HAHAHAHAHA!” Manda laughed before she was joined in by everyone else.

“That was good! But do you know what else is funny? When Karen pulls unexpected faces like this!” Joel them tried to imitate one of Karen’s faces.

04-25-15_5-14 PM-2
“Excuse me?” Karen was clearly not amused.

04-25-15_5-15 PM
“It was a joke! I love your face.” Joel worryingly said.

“It better be a joke.” Karen stared at Joel for a good minute while Joel was clearly a bit scared.

04-25-15_5-15 PM-2

“So! I hope you all enjoyed doing the third and final session which unfortunately brings all of the formal events of S-GAS to a close.” Joel said, everyone looked at each other with a sad expression before Joel returned the attention back to him.

04-25-15_5-18 PM
“Don’t worry! You still have tomorrow as your last day here before leaving for either my own story, or just leaving SummerFalls’ game for good! Either way, I hope to see you all at the farewell party along with the other participants!” Joel smiled before the camera zoomed away from the session.

(In actual fact, when I press 9 it zooms me away and when I returned everyone had autonomously got up and walked away!)

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S-GAS Simselves: 50 Faces of Karen

04-14-15_10-05 PM


“I have an idea! Let’s play one sentence story, you know, the game where each person says a sentence to go along with the story, and it keeps going on and on.” Karen suggested. This would be Debbie’s first time playing One Sentence Story but she was all for trying it out.

“Okay! You should start though, so I get the gist of exactly what to do.” Debbie asked and Karen nodded, she took a deep breath.

04-14-15_10-06 PM-2

“There was once a Princess who was looking for a Prince.” Karen begun.

“Ah I see– Oh that’s not the story! It’s, No matter how far the Princess looked, there was no Prince in sight.” Debbie continued, Karen smiled as the game was slowly coming along.

“However, one day she came across a portal to another realm”

“And when she went through, she was entranced by the world around her.”

“Magical orbs flying around with crystals coming from the walls.”

“There, she met a blue man.”

“This blue man stared at the Princess, entranced by her looks and the clothing she was wearing and then he pulled out his freeze-ray.”

04-14-15_10-06 PM-3

“The blue man revealed himself to be an alien, and asked the Princess how she got here.” Debbie carried on.

“The Princess told the Alien that she stumbled upon a portal and had traveled through to find this place.”

“The Alien nodded and placed his freeze ray away.”

“He introduced himself as the Prince of the Realm, Xianthus.”

Debbie couldn’t help but laugh at the faces Karen was making while they were telling the story.

04-14-15_10-06 PM-4

04-14-15_10-06 PM-6

04-14-15_10-06 PM-7

“The Princess introduced herself as Madeline.” Debbie said, before Karen ended the story.

“And it was love at first sight, and they all ended happily ever after.” Karen finished and Debbie clapped.

“That’s such an amazing story!” Debbie smiled.

“How come you were laughing?” Karen asked and Debbie awkwardly scratched her head.

“Well, the faces that we made during the story were funny.” Debbie admitted and Karen laughed.

04-14-15_10-07 PM-2

“Well, I do have a funny side to me.” Karen said, and she continued to make faces at Debbie which caused her to laugh.

“You’re really funny. I like that.” Debbie laughed while Karen continued to make faces.

“That’s 49… and 50!” Karen stopped meanwhile, Debbie came over to Karen and gave her a big hug.

“What’s this for?” She asked.

“For entertaining me today and I’m giving you comfort. We’re always here for you.” Debbie smiled, and they then continued to talk about miscellaneous things.

04-14-15_10-07 PM-5

Featuring VanityHigh and Carewren123’s Simselves. You can check out their blog among the other participants HERE!


S-GAS Simselves: Recruiting Joel

Manda and Joel were talking on the couch after Joel suggested that they talk more back at the house in the second session of S-GAS, they were discussing cupcake and ice cream flavors and debating which one is truly the best flavor and what is the best combination for cupcake and ice cream.

04-14-15_9-33 PM

“Red Velvet has to be the best flavor, especially when it’s mixed with vanilla or even cookie dough ice cream!” Joel said and Manda shook her head.

“No, it has to be chocolate with vanilla or even chocolate fudge brownie. That is the best combination.” Manda debated, and they both thought about it for a second.

“How about red velvet & chocolate cake with Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream?” Joel suggested and Manda’s eyebrow raised.

“Half Baked? That doesn’t sound nice.” Manda said with a disgusted look, but Joel shook his head this time.

“No, it’s very nice! Half of it is Cookie Dough while the other half is Chocolate Fudge Brownie. It technically suits both of our needs!” Joel told Manda with a smile.

04-14-15_9-33 PM-3

“Ah, I see now! That sounds awesome! So, when are we ordering it?” Manda asked and Joel took out his phone.

“Right now!” Joel said before he to order both items, he made sure to order enough for everyone to enjoy and enough for everyone to come back and have seconds. Manda also made sure that Joel ordered some other cake flavors and ice cream flavors just in case someone at the farewell party didn’t like the flavors they like.

“That’s all done now.” Joel cheered once he put his phone back into his pocket.

04-14-15_9-34 PM-2

“Oh right! Do you want to join the Honorary Simself Club?” Manda asked, and Joel looked at her.

“The what?” He replied.

“Honorary. Simself. Club.” Manda repeated.

“What’s that?” Joel asked, he was surprised to find out that the participants had formed their own club.

“It’s where we simselves can share our contact information and keep in touch by using the Gallery’s system to send emails in between games. It’s seemed to work for most stories and we’re going to use it for those who want to keep in touch. So, we’ve chosen you as our first guest!” Manda explained, Joel thought about it for a second before replying.

04-14-15_9-34 PM-5

“We?” He wondered.

“Me, Loves, Jamie and Jessica.” Manda smiled.

“Ooh, okay.”

“So are you going to join?” Manda asked, Joel thought about it while stroking his ‘beard’ (like what some people do when they’re thinking).

“Well, I’ve considered it and… I’d love to join!” Joel smiled and Manda cheered.

04-14-15_9-35 PM

“YAY!” Manda smiled as well.

“Also, we can say it at the farewell party and have some people sign up if they wish.” Joel suggested and Manda nodded.

“We had that planned already. But, that just shows that great minds think alike.” Manda giggled and Joel joined in on the laughter.

“You’re really something.” Joel said and Manda’s smile grew larger.

“Thanks.” Manda grinned.

04-14-15_9-35 PM-5

“Now, I need to get prepared for the third session, so if you’ll excuse me…” Joel said before he left Manda to her own devices. And, that’s how Joel got recruited into the Honorary Simself Club.

Featuring dougsbaby12’s simself! You can check out her blog among the other participants of the Simself Simposium HERE!

S-GAS Simselves: Honorary Simself Club

Jamie, Manda, Jessica and Loves all met on the top floor terrace where they had decided earlier to meet and have a ‘girl talk’ about things surrounding the session. Since Loves couldn’t come to the second session, the other women decided to catch her up on what the session about, and they didn’t want to leave one single detail out.

04-14-15_9-02 PM

“And then, one by one, we all went down to the side of Rabbit’s to have our private conversations with Joel.” Jessica said.

“Yeah, he asked us two questions but once we got through the answers we found out more about ourselves and our player than we have originally intended!” Jamie continued, and Loves nodded.

“Woah, that sounds awesome!” Loves exclaimed, she found that session so fascinating even though she wasn’t there.

“Oh, and we also concluded with a group conversation which was really cool.” Manda finished off and Loves nodded again.

“That’s really cool.” Loves smiled, looking at the other three women. In that moment, Jamie looked like she had a ‘EUREKA!’ moment because as soon after, she spoke an idea that she had come up with.

“Honorary Simselves…” Jamie muttered before explaining it to the other women.

04-14-15_9-02 PM-2

“You know, a club where Simselves can always stay in touch. But, it’s honorary because we needed an adjective so… what do you think?” Jamie asked. The other women thought about it for a couple of minutes, and silence seeped into the air. However, before it could take residence, Jessica broke the silence.

“That sounds brilliant.” Jessica liked the idea a lot, with the other two women agreeing with her soon after.

“So, how would these simselves stay in touch?” Manda asked, not sure where how they could stay in touch due to friendships being lost due to being in different worlds.

04-14-15_9-02 PM-3

“Weirdly enough, the emails in the Sims world seem to be able to use the Gallery to travel and send emails to other Sims. So, if everyone was given all the participants’ email addresses, we can just use email.” Loves explained and Manda nodded understandingly.

“I see.” Manda said afterwards.

“Exactly, and then since we all keep in touch, our friendships will never have to break. Of course, if you don’t want to join the club you don’t have to.” Jamie stated afterwards and everyone agreed, they didn’t want to force anyone into joining something that they don’t like or don’t want to do.

04-14-15_9-03 PM-2

“Our next step is actually trying to get someone to join our club.” Jamie explained and everyone thought about who the best person would be to be the first invited person.

“How about Karen?” Manda asked, but Jessica dismissed the idea right away.

“Not yet, otherwise she might make a face like this!” Jessica pulled a face at Manda.

04-14-15_9-06 PM

“Oh, best leave Karen then until later.” Manda subtly said before turning back to face Loves and Jamie. The four of them were at a standstill until Jessica suddenly realized.

“How about Joel? He did organize this Simself Simposium.” Jessica noted and everyone looked at each other.

“OF COURSE!” The other three women shouted in unison, they hadn’t even thought about asking the person who brought them all together to see if he’d like to help them.

04-14-15_9-04 PM

“So, who’s going to ask him?” Loves asked, and everyone looked at each other.

“I’ll do it, I need to talk to him anyways.” Manda smiled, and everyone agreed again. These four women were setting things up with a stable foundation and now they can have all the materials they need to build their idea up and up.

 Jamie interrupted before she started to say what was relevant to the topic, “OK! So, once we decide to see if Joel wants to join, we should try to schedule something during the farewell party to see if anyone else would like to join. How does that sound?”

“I like that. But, I also think we should see beforehand and not open sign ups until the farewell party.” Loves answered, Jessica nodded at Lo.

“That’s a great idea. So, all for one?” Manda said joyfully.

04-14-15_9-07 PM

“One for All!”

S-GAS Simselves: The Bar

While Karen decided to tend at the bar, Joel, Sarafina, Debbie and Loves all came and sat down on the bar stools. Usually, Joel on the other side of the screen wouldn’t be allowed to drink because it’s illegal, but in the Sims world, Joel Rochdale could drink because he’s a young adult.

04-14-15_8-15 PM-2

“So this is what a bar looks like up close.” Joel muttered while gliding his hand across the bar surface. He looked up to see that the other women were busy looking at the alcohol that was placed on the shelves.

“Tang and Zing please.” Loves ordered before returning to play video games on her phone.

“Juice on the Rocks for me. Make it snappy.” Sarafina followed afterwards, she looked over at Debbie who finally had decided her order.

“Sweet and Spicy sounds like an interesting combination.” Debbie wondered, and certifying her order.

“Prose and Pop then for me?” Joel ordered as well before the other ladies turned towards him.

04-14-15_8-16 PM

“You’re going to drink alcohol?” Sarafina asked and Joel gave a slight nod.

“Hey, I’ve never tried it before so what time like the present, ey?” Him and Sarafina started to laugh afterwards, although it was weird for Joel at first, he soon got used to the idea that he could do many things that Joel on the other side of the screen couldn’t do.

“That’s true, drink up then when it’s made.” Sarafina said with a smile. Karen did take her time to make the drinks, however it didn’t matter because Joel and Sarafina spent quite a bit of time talking to each other.

04-14-15_8-18 PM

“Ah, so you’re going to be in your own story soon?” Sarafina asked and Joel nodded, “How long is it?”

“Well, I’m not sure but I think me and SummerFalls have planned at least 5 books.” Joel smiled and Sarafina paused.

“Books?” She asked interested.

“Like a season of a show, it’s a book in a series of adventures.” Joel answered and Sarafina smiled, she seemed content with Joel’s answer. “So, what about you? Any stories yet?”

04-14-15_8-18 PM-2

“Me? I don’t have a story of my own.” Sarafina said.

“That’s fine. You’re pretty awesome so you don’t have to worry about a story of your own because you already have the awesomeness that comes with having a story.” Joel smiled and Sarafina took her drink that Karen made and drank it down.

“Thanks Mate.” She smiled contently. Sarafina had then begun to tell a story about some random sims that she had encountered on her way to the Simself Simposium.

04-14-15_8-19 PM

“It happened like this. I was walking down the streets of Oasis Springs when this random townie comes up to me and asks me
Of course, I tried to get away from him, but he kept following me everywhere like a stalker!” Sarafina started to tell.

“Oh my plumbob, that’s creepy!” Loves interrupted before Sarafina continued on with her story.

“And so, he asked me again
This time, I looked over to him like this.” Sarafina pulled the face and pose she looked at the creepy man with.

04-14-15_8-19 PM-3

“And I said, no word of a lie, 
The man ran off and I haven’t seen him since!” Sarafina finished off and everyone looked to her in awe.

“You are totally brave.” Debbie complimented and Sarafina turned to her.

04-14-15_8-19 PM-5

“I wasn’t being brave, I was just saving my own skin.” Sarafina admitted and everyone had begun to applaud for her amazing efforts to get away from the ridiculous man. Loves suddenly looked like she had an idea while Debbie continued discussing something from the last session.

04-14-15_8-22 PM-2

“Eureka!” Loves shouted.

“You know, I find it interesting that our sims can have their own stories and their histories which are greatly different from our own.” Debbie started, and Joel looked over to her.

“That’s an interesting point, however I believe that Karen wanted to say something.” Joel replied before they all looked at Karen who was prepared to say what she was going to say.

04-14-15_8-22 PM-4

“How were my drinks? I added a little pizazz into them.” Karen asked, and Sarafina looked up worried.

“What… did you add?” Sarafina’s voice sounded worried and cautious.

“Nothing much, just the liquor and a tad of blended s—d” Karen purposely whispered the last word.

“What is it? Or I’ll get something bad to happen!” Sarafina threatened.

“Ok, Blended Squid. Happy?” Karen admitted and the faces on everyone dropped.

“WHAT?!” They all shouted.

04-14-15_8-23 PM

Featuring FloorRaisin, Lovesstorms, VanityHigh and Carewren123’s Simselves. You can check out their blogs among all the other participants, HERE!

S-GAS Simselves Session 2: Learning about Yourself & Your Player Part 4

Everyone later returned to the Rabbit’s Teahouse where they sat down in the seating area where they were at the beginning of the day. What was different now was that it was now later on in the evening and everyone was feeling a little bit tired but there was still things that had to be said.

04-10-15_11-23 PM

“Welcome back everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day today as we talked about what makes us similar and different from our players.” Joel began and everyone nodded in agreement.

“I enjoyed it a lot.” Jamie smiled as she continued on, “I feel like I’m closer now with my player than ever before.” 

“What about you?” Karen began, “I was going to ask this earlier, but I want to know. What makes you and SummerFalls’ similar and different?” 

Of course, Joel was a bit startled at this question, he never thought that he would be asked one of his own questions. Nevertheless, he began to answer in the most flawless manor.

04-10-15_11-23 PM-2

“Well, I believe that me and SummerFalls are similar in a variety of ways. We both love to write, bake, smile, cook, and obsess over Korean Dramas, we also both have the strange addiction to coffee. But, the reason why we’re different is that he’s real and I’m just… pixels.” Joel sighed but Manda looked over at Joel, questioning what he had just said.

“But, even if we are pixels, we’re still real right? We’ve been made by our players and we’re being made real by them.” Manda suggested and Jessica immediately thought of something to say.

“Yeah. I think it’s important that we realize that we’re also real as well. We’re Sims, but we’re also people who are capable of many emotions and feelings.” Jessica continued and Manda smiled at Jessica and then over at Joel.

04-10-15_11-24 PM

“Exactly.” Manda and Karen said. Joel looked at everyone and took what they had said into careful consideration.

“Wow, you guys. I’m supposed to be the one that’s helping you, but you’ve helped me in more ways than one today. I can’t thank you enough.” Joel giggled and everyone joined in a fit of laughter together. I guess this was the first time Joel considered that SummerFalls could potentially become his friend.

04-10-15_11-25 PM

“Moving on, I believe everyone has learnt something important today that they can take away with them from this session. May it be some advice, or some instruction or maybe some hidden truth that you uncovered, I think it’s important that we try our best to confront our obstacles and overcome them.” Joel continued, “If we face them with our player, sometimes we may be able to get some help but we also need to learn to take care of ourselves. Autonomously.”

“I know about Autonomous Actions!” Debbie waved and everyone looked at Debbie. She took a slight gulp since all the attention was now on her.

“Please, do tell.” Joel said to Debbie.

04-10-15_11-25 PM-2

“Well, Autonomous Actions are actions that are not enacted by our player, but by ourselves. We don’t even know sometimes if our action is autonomous or forced by the player.” Debbie smiled as Joel said that she was correct.

 “Yes! Although, we will know if what we’re doing is autonomous because we will be able to feel it.” Joel mentioned and everyone sort of knew what he meant by that.

04-10-15_11-25 PM-3

“I see.” Karen said while pulling one of her famous faces over at Jessica who was oblivious to the fact that Karen was looking right at her.

“Even so, we should be able to handle our own situations and that is truly when we can become like our player, and that what we learn about yourself from that moment could have something to do with your player.” Joel giggled as he muttered, “Happy Cupcakes are my autonomous actions.”

 Unfortunately, no one heard what he had said, but Jessica, Jamie and Mark were paying close attention to the speech that was being spoken out loud.

04-10-15_11-25 PM-4

“Wow, that’s amazing.” Jamie said while Mark looked and nodded at her before stealing a glance at Sunny.

“Now, I hope that you’ve all now got something to take away from here today and I also hope that you’ll have a safe trip back to the guest lodge. I need to pop out somewhere for an hour or two.” Joel smiled while he raised his hands in the air.

04-10-15_11-25 PM-5

“Oh, it looks like I’m praising a plumbob now doesn’t it.” Joel laughed, “Well, without this we wouldn’t be here today, so thank you plumbob!”

Everyone just laughed and laughed and it never seemed to stop until Joel silenced everyone so he could give the concluding sentence.

“I hope you’ve all had a lovely day and I’ll see some of you for Session 3: Becoming Your Own Person!” He smiled.

04-10-15_11-26 PM

And soon enough, everyone left with huge smiles on their faces.

04-10-15_11-27 PM

I hope you all enjoyed reading Session 2 as much as I enjoyed playing it! To view everyone who participates in this session and S-GAS as a whole, click HERE!

S-GAS Simselves Session 2: Learning about Yourself & Your Player Part 3


04-10-15_10-11 PM

 Karen: Hey Joel, I guess it’s my turn now right?

Joel: Yeah! I hope you don’t mind but some people didn’t want to go next.

Karen: It’s fine, I’m kind of excited about what this is all about, I heard from Jamie Rose that this was both refreshing and eye-opening.

Joel: Well, I’m only here to help.

Karen: I think I’m ready to begin, so you can give me the first question.

Joel: Ah, right. So, do you think Carewren123 and you are alike at all?

04-10-15_10-12 PM-2

Karen: We’re very similar in personality. Since my assigned traits were Creative, Perfectionist and Bookworm, I think Carewren wanted me to be like her, but also more kind and caring than her.

Joel: Caring? Kind?

Karen: Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?

Joel: Not at all! It’s just har-… continue with what you were saying.

Karen: I also have the tendency to say y’all which could imply that me and Carewren both have a southern accent. But the fact is also, we’re both massive science fiction nerds.

04-10-15_10-11 PM-3

Joel: Ooh, I think the only science fiction show I watch is Doctor Who.

Karen: You need to see more, I’ll have to send you and your player a list.

Joel: Okay! I’d like that.

Karen: Although, I’m a little more outgoing than Carewren even though I’m not an extrovert. However, I think our appearances are a little different as well.

Joel: I also know something that’s different.

Karen: What?

Joel: That!

04-10-15_10-12 PM-3

Karen: Ah… this is just the face I pull when my favourite science-fiction shows come on! I dreamed about being in a sci-fi show once.

Joel: You dreamt it?

Karen: Dreamed

Joel: Dreamt.

Karen: Next question.

04-10-15_10-20 PM-3

Joel: Fiesty! Right, would you say that Carewren plays you how she would be if she lived in the World of the Sims?

Karen: I wouldn’t really know the answer to that, sorry.

Joel: Why not?

Karen: Well, other than S-GAS, Carewren hasn’t played with me much but I’ve always been stuck inside Create-A-Sim for as long as I can remember.

Joel: That must’ve been terrible!

04-10-15_10-20 PM-5

Karen: Create-A-Sim is like my second home now, so it’s not as terrible as what it used to be.

Joel: That’s nice. I feel that even though you and your player have your similarities and differences, I feel that you will soon embark on an adventure outside of Create-A-Sim together.

Karen: Really? I wonder if that’ll come true!

Joel: Well, there’s nothing else I have to ask. Is there anything you wanted to ask?

Karen: Not really, but I think any remaining questions will be answered at the concluding group talk.

04-10-15_10-21 PM

Joel: Nice! It was real nice talking to you Karen.

Karen: And you too!

04-10-15_10-21 PM-2


04-10-15_10-57 PM

Joel: Hey Manda! How’re you feeling this afternoon?

Manda: I’m feeling good, I’ve just been a bit nervous about this.

Joel: There’s nothing to be afraid of! I’ll just ask you two questions and then you’ll be on your way. Of course, I’ll be discussing stuff with you along the way.

Manda: Ah, ok.

Joel: How alike are you and your player, dougsbaby12?

04-10-15_10-59 PM

Manda: Well, I would say that we’re very much alike.

Joel: In what way?

Manda: The traits that I have, which are good, cheerful and foodie are the ones that my player has deep inside. I mean, don’t you love food? This morning, those cupcakes you made were to die for!

Joel: Thanks, you didn’t have to go that far.

04-10-15_10-59 PM-2

Manda: But I did! Also, my player’s friends always say to her that she’s too nice for her own good because she’ll go out of her way to help someone in need. I think I’m like that sometimes as well, I hid an alien in my house for three months.

Joel: Oh my, was it exciting having an alien living within your house or did you find it scary?

Manda: Not at all. The alien was very nice to me and we both respected each other since we both like to look on the bright side of things, like my player does. Also, I think like my player, we both love cooking food as it’s one of my player’s favourite things to do beside going on The Sims.

Joel: Nice! I think you and your player are similar, and you seem perfectly okay with that.

Manda: Why wouldn’t I be?

04-10-15_11-00 PM

Joel: Right. Do you think your player plays you like how she would behave if she were in the World of Sims?

Manda: Well, I haven’t really had a chance to be played by dougsbaby12, but we both would love to give it a try sometime.

Joel: How do you think she would play you like then?

04-10-15_11-01 PM-2

Manda: Well, I think she’d try and create a better life than what she had. Although she doesn’t regret the mistakes she made growing up, she wants to see what mistakes I make by myself and see how it goes!

Joel: Wow, you’re both brave and cheerful people. You really do like to put on a brave face. I like that about you.

Manda: Thank you!

04-10-15_11-01 PM-3

Joel: I’ve liked talking to you today Manda! We should definitely talk more back at the guest lodge.

Manda: I’d like that.


04-10-15_11-12 PM

Joel: Mark was looking for you earlier, he thought your private conversation was earlier.

Sunny: Aw, poor man. He must’ve waited a long time.

Joel: Yeah, let’s get started before this turns into a Romeo & Juliet love story.

Sunny: Excus-

04-10-15_11-17 PM-2

Joel: How alike would you say you and sunnyshay are?

Sunny: Hmph.

04-10-15_11-18 PM

Sunny: Well, I would say that we’re similar in ways such as personality and traits but the way we react to some things is different.

Joel: Like?

Sunny: Sunnyshay is probably vomiting over the fact that I have a relationship bar with Mark Archy but I find it quite sweet.

Joel: Oh, right. I find it quite, well you don’t want my opinion.

Sunny: Oh, I do!

Joel: I just don’t think convention relationships work out, they’re always short term and they end by the time the convention ends.

04-10-15_11-18 PM-2

Sunny: Ah… but still, me and sunnyshay, although we may have the same face, we can act a little differently from each other.

Joel: Next question?

Sunny: Sure, go ahead!

04-10-15_11-19 PM-2

Joel: Do you think sunnyshay would play you like if she were in the World of Sims?

Sunny: Of course!

Joel: You’re certain?

Sunny: Yeah, I mean we both could have the same ideas about how to live. I’m just not sure at the moment.

Joel: Ah…

Sunny: But, you know, I would love it if–

04-10-15_11-20 PM

Joel: I think the game’s frozen, I can’t move.

Sunny: Your moving your mouth.

Joel: No, I think I’m stuck, I can’t answer your question sorry.

Sunny: I guess I’ll have to leave you and go find Mark.

Joel: Yeah, SummerFalls should be doing a resetsim right about now.

04-10-15_11-19 PM-3

Sunny: Bye!

Joel: Byeeeeeee!

And soon afterwards, everyone gathered back into the main lounge where they conducted the conclusion of the session.

S-GAS Simselves Session 2: Learning about Yourself & Your Player Part 2

jessica brown – private conversation

04-10-15_9-24 PM

Joel: Hi Jessica! So you decided to come right after Debbie?

Jessica: Yeah, she said the conversation was very enlightening for her, so I thought I could go next to see what she meant.

Joel: Ah… well that’s awesome! So, did Debbie tell you how this conversation was going to work?

Jessica: Nope.

Joel: Well, I’ll basically ask you two questions, and you can decide how long or how short your answer will be.

Jessica: Ooo, ok. Hit me with the first question!

04-10-15_9-25 PM

Joel: So Jessica, how alike are you and Jes2G?

Jessica: That’s a good question.

Joel: Thanks! My player made them up but I helped him, of course.

Jessica: I’d say that we’re a lot alike, but when she plays with me I think she can tell that I’m a bit different.

Joel: Different how?

04-10-15_9-26 PM

Jessica: I’m a bit more adventurous than Jes2G but still, we’re basically the same person.

Joel: But with that little different, you both can experience new things together.

Jessica: Exactly!

Joel: So you were always made the way you were, with the same traits and same type of aspiration?

04-10-15_9-26 PM-2

Jessica: Not at all! Even though I’m the core simself of Jes2G, her short term goals change and her list of long term goals becomes bigger and bigger. So, as a result, my traits keep changing and I have many different aspirations.

Joel: So Jes2G might think it’s hard for you to be just three traits?

Jessica: Yeah. I think that since there’s so much personality, it’s hard to try and make it fit into three traits. However, just before I was sent off she decided on four things that describe who she consistently is and what she really wants. So, I present myself!

Joel: If I do say so myself, you are an awesome simself. I do wonder if SummerFalls ever actually managed to describe himself in just three traits or if it was hard for him as well. I’ll have to ask him before this session ends.

Jessica: Thanks bro. You know just what to say. And yeah, you should totally ask him, you could answer your own questions at the end of the session!

04-10-15_9-27 PM

Joel: Yeah that’s a great idea and bahaha, it’s all part of my personality.

Jessica: I think I’m ready for the next question, what is it?

Joel: Ah right, yes!

Jessica: I’m waiting, I’m not getting impatient or anything, I’m just waiting.

Joel: Ok, so do you think Jes2G plays you like how she would play her life if she was in the Sims?

04-10-15_9-27 PM-4

Jessica: I think Jes2G lets me do what I want really, so I guess she does.

Joel: That’s the same with my player too! Although, he sometimes wants me to do certain things so I guess I’m always working towards a certain goal.

Jessica: That’s nice.

Joel: It was real nice talking to you today Jessica!

Jessica: You too Joel! Oh I should do something before I go.

Joel: What is it?

04-10-15_9-27 PM-5

Jessica: My name is Jessica Brown and I approve of this Simself Simposium.



04-10-15_9-41 PM-2

Joel: Hey Mark! I saw you running out here faster than a galloping llama. Do you want to talk now?

Mark: Sure, although at first I thought it was Sunny’s conversation so that’s why I ran out here. That failed so, let’s get this over and done with.

Joel: No time like the present! I’ll just ask you a couple of questions, you answer them and we’ll discuss in between? Cool?

Mark: Yeah, that’s cool like ice.

Joel: (mutters) People today are being totally weird.

Mark: What was that?

04-10-15_9-42 PM

Joel: Nothing! First question, would you say that you and AkramA are alike? In what way?

Mark: First, that’s two questions.

Joel: Oh, sorry.

04-10-15_9-45 PM

Mark: But still, the Create-A-Sim feature in this game makes it very easy for me to look like AkramA so I guess we’re almost similar in that way.

Joel: That’s true, I think I look close to what SummerFalls’ looks like.

Mark: Also, the traits that AkramA picked for me are ones that mostly represent himself, so we’re the same in that sense but we would’ve been different otherwise.

Joel: Yeah, I can see how traits can greatly affect how a simself acts and behaves for their player.

Mark: Exactly, I mean imagine me with the… squeamish trait? Impossible right?

04-10-15_9-46 PM

Joel: If you say so.

Mark: HEY! That’s rude.

Joel: Sorry… not sorry. Next question is, do you think AkramA plays you like he would live himself if he were in the world of the Sims?

Mark: I don’t think he would.

Joel: Why not?

04-10-15_9-46 PM-5

Mark: He’d let me be more free because in the world he comes from, nothing is really free there except for a few exceptions.

Joel: Wow, that’s actually pretty true. You’re a clever simself Mark.

Mark: Thanks, I’ll relay it to AkramA that you think he’s smart!

04-10-15_9-47 PM-2

Joel: Your time will be up soon, is there anything else you want to say before you leave?

Mark: Thank you for making this Simself Simposium, I’m really having a lot of fun so far and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

Joel: Hehe, thanks Mark! Now, may the cupcakes guide you.

04-10-15_9-49 PM

Mark: Bye!


04-10-15_9-56 PM

Joel: I’m now with Jamie Rose. How are you on this fine morning?

Jamie: I’m feeling refreshed and ready to answer a lot of questions and discuss whatever needs discussing!

Joel: That’s the spirit I’m looking for! Now, there will only be two questions but we might have a little discussion in between. Okay?

Jamie: I’m fully prepared!

04-10-15_9-56 PM-2

Joel: Okay, question one! How alike would you say you and ARoseInBloom are?

Jamie: Wow… where do I begin?

Joel: We’re–

04-10-15_9-57 PM-2

Jamie: We’re pretty similar, well I think we all have to admit I’m a bit cooler than her. That’s because I say what I think but I also get the feeling that we’re alike.

Joel: Ooh, when I say what I think, my player almost tried to kill me once!

Jamie: You poor thing! What did you say?

Joel: Apparently, I’m not allowed to be a Slytherin in the Sims version of Harry Potter.

04-10-15_9-57 PM-3

Jamie: Oh. Right. I suppose ARoseInBloom left out some traits that could potentially sabotage my life in this world, like the romantic trait. Romance with sims usually gets over the top and my player has experienced some of that but we’d both like to think we’ve grown out of it and we can express our romantic advances in other ways.

Joel: Yeah, romance can sometimes get out of control.

Jamie: Agreed. All in all, she’s sassy, I’m sassy and I’m well put together. I think I’m the person ARoseInBloom dreams of becoming.

04-10-15_9-59 PM-2

Joel: Riiiiiiight.

Jamie: You don’t believe me?

Joel: No I do believe you, it’s just that you’re sassy? I’ve never seen you sa-

04-10-15_10-00 PM-2

Jamie: Hmph.

Joel: Sorry! I’m sorry.

Jamie: Forgiven, now I want this next question. My speaking muscles are itching to speak.

Joel: Would you think that ARoseInBloom controls you the way she would live her life if she were to live in the world of Sims?

04-10-15_10-02 PM

Jamie: So far in this game, not at all but in the last game… The Sims 3? Oh my word, she created guys that she wanted to marry and then married me to them! I was happy with them for the time being.

Joel: Hahahaha! That’s funny! So it was like an arranged marriage of sorts?

Jamie: Yes! But, there was no protest from me, I was all for those men, they were hot.

Joel: Okaaaay.

Jamie: Although, I think in this game I’d probably go out way more than ARoseInBloom even though I’m a loner. It’s one of my traits. However, I want a few close friends that come to visit me from time to time, you know?

04-10-15_10-03 PM

Joel: I know, and you have one right here!

Jamie: It’s great to know that Joel, thanks.

Joel: No problemo, and I think your time is up! Thank you for our lovely conversation, and I hope you have a nice day and I will see you at the end of the session.

04-10-15_10-03 PM-2

Jamie: No, thank YOU!