Y1 – Noah’s Family

01-08-29-15_1-22 PM

After coming home from my lectures today, I hopped right onto the computer and played some video games to de-stress myself out. It’s come to the point near the end of the school year where the professors are rushing everyone to finish their final projects and hand them in for grading before starting next year’s work early.

I mean, I’m all for it, but it’s always stressful when they pile up the homework to a HUGE amount and expect it to be done in a short space of time. Oh well, it’s the world I live in. After feeling super happy from winning most of the video games I played, I went upstairs and hopped into a quick shower, and they forgot to turn the heating on again! It was SO COLD!

02-08-29-15_1-36 PM

No one can make fun of the amazing faces I pull in the shower! They’re simply awesome. But, it was SO COLD. I turned on the shower and literally screamed at how hot it was but then it got colder and never got warmer, no matter how much I turned up the dial.

I wonder if there’s something wrong in the pipes… they’ll probably fix it during the Summer Holidays, hopefully. So, I’ll continue my amazing faces.

03-08-29-15_1-39 PM

I finally got over the coldness and finished my shower, put on my athletic clothes and headed right out for some jogging. My Professor said that it’s great that I’m running on a treadmill, but I should try and jog outside more to boost my oxygen intake so that I can run for longer.

I wasn’t so sure what he was on about until I actually started to run. I felt like I could run for longer than I usually would and also, I felt like I was able to clear my head and enjoy the simplicity of these moments as I ran.

04-08-29-15_1-45 PM

It felt refreshing, to feel at ease for the first time in the past couple of days. I also got to think about my parents and about coming home this summer, did I really want to? There was a part of me that thought I was being stupid and telling myself that my parents know what’s best for me, but the other side of me knew that was one thing and deciding EVERY SINGLE THING for me was another.

05-08-29-15_1-47 PM

Before I knew it, I had arrived back at the dormitory, and feeling a bit relieved from my free thinking, I decided that I was going to spend some time with Adelaide and Gabrielle, since it had been quite a while since we had last spoken. After the three of us assembled in the bedroom, me and Gabrielle got right to the talking while Adelaide decided she was going to paint something.

“And then what did he say?” I asked Gabrielle as she recounted the story of her professor shouting at her.

“He told me that if I was going to degrade someone, it should be my debate opponent and not him!” She laughed and I did as well. I mean, the teacher was trying to prove a point which was wrong and Gabrielle was only correcting him!

06-08-29-15_1-56 PM

“Well, did you hear about the new student?” Gabrielle asked me and I shook my head. “Well, I actually have some insider info about who they are.”

“Really, how did you figure that out?” I replied to her, and she grew closer to my ear.

“I just asked the Dean!” She whispered and laughed, and I laughed again as well. If asking was all it took, I would’ve asked when we received those cupcakes!

“Do you want to know the info?”


07-08-29-15_2-02 PM

“The new student is a girl, they love to cook and apparently, we’re getting a kitchen remodel because of them.” Gabrielle revealed, and I sighed. Another girl?! Where are all of the men? The bros? The bachelors? I hoped we could still be great friends though.

“Ah, okay.” I replied after my deep thought, and I couldn’t help but keep looking over at Adelaide, and I think it was getting obvious. Her bright smile as she paints is adorable, but I was also focused on what she was painting. At first, it looked strange but now it’s becoming more clear and I’m trying to figure out what it is.

09-08-29-15_2-06 PM

“If you must know, it’s a picture of you.” Adelaide seemed to smile as she revealed. A picture of me? Why me? I mean, I’m completely honoured but I’m interested to know why exactly she’s painting a picture of me.

“Thanks!” I smiled back towards Adelaide as I looked at the painting with curious eyes. It seemed that only my jumper had been painted, yet.

10-08-29-15_2-07 PM

“Oh hey! I just got an amazing idea!” I said as it came to mind. “Why don’t we all head out to a club on Wednesday night? It’s after we finish our end of year exams so we won’t have to worry and it’ll be fun too! What do you say?”

“I guess I’m fine with that!” Adelaide eagerly replied before she coughed and returned to her painting.

“I’m up for it.” Gabrielle replied and I smiled, everyone else will probably want to come as well. It can be Greenwood Gathering 3: Nightclub Adventure!

“Awesome! I’ll get everything set up!” I said to the both of them.

11-08-29-15_2-12 PM

“Do you think anyone from the Redwood Dormitory is going to go?” Gabrielle asked. Oh right, I haven’t introduced Redwood Dormitory. Redwood Dormitory are a group of try-hards who will do anything to secure the top score in all exams. Unfortunately for them, Greenwood Dormitory has always prevailed over them, and so Greenwood Dormitory is known as the best Dormitory in all of Briarwick University.

“Probably, but we’ll have to see.” I said to Gabrielle, and as soon as I said that, Adelaide set down her paintbrush and walked towards the door.

“I’ll be back soon.” She said as she walked out.

12-08-29-15_2-15 PM

“What’s up with her?” I asked Gabrielle and she peered in closer.

“You mean, you don’t know?” She looked at me surprised and I shook my head.

“The artsy guy at Redwood, he tried to destroy Adelaide’s art equipment.” I clenched my fist. The PLUMNUGGET. How, how dare he?! I stood up in anger but Gabrielle pushed me back down onto the chair.

“And what would that accomplish?” She asked me and I laughed.

“A bruised ego.” She joined in on my laughter.

13-08-29-15_2-16 PM

“He just, doesn’t have a right to do that. It’s wrong! And to Adelaide too…” I said as I looked over at the completed painting of myself and if I do say so myself, Adelaide managed to capture me PERFECTLY!

14-08-29-15_2-17 PM

“But, you know what?” Gabrielle asked me and as I turned around to her, I could literally see steam coming out of her ears.

“What?” I asked in fear and she exploded.


15-08-29-15_2-19 PM

“You can do that?!” I asked her and she nodded.

“Obviously. Now, I need to go cool down before I break something in here. If you’ll excuse me.” Gabrielle stood up and vacated the room and I did so soon enough.

I was surprised at the way Gabrielle shouted, and it was so powerful that it reminded me of something. Family. When you touch one of us, you touch all of us, that kind of thing. It’s something that binds this dormitory together without realising it. Sure, we may fight internally and have a bit of a rivalry here and there, but we wouldn’t stand for it if someone messed with one of us. I guess we are, one big happy family.

While I ventured downstairs to get some cereal before bed (because that totally is a thing now), I stumbled across Piper playing the violin by the stairs.

16-08-29-15_2-39 PM

“What exactly–“ I didn’t say anything more, as I saw the notes dance from Piper’s violin. She clearly was enjoying her music session and I couldn’t fault her for that. I grabbed my cereal plus a few other things and ventured upstairs to my bedroom.

Now, following my recent expedition from Granite Falls, Neil and I had planted our herbs into the planters that are outside and we’ve grown them up enough to actually make some brews and herbal remedies with them! So, I tried to make some deodorizing cream!

17-08-29-15_2-42 PM

18-08-29-15_2-42 PM-2

19-08-29-15_2-46 PM

It came out okay, but I bet I could do better next time! I placed it on the shelf next to the grill and went to sleep soon afterwards. I now have 5 days until the end of the school year.


4 thoughts on “Y1 – Noah’s Family

  1. cathytea says:

    Gabrielle’s ranting is hilarious! I sure love Nathan’s philosophical approach to life! His dorm-mates are lucky to have him! (And this makes me want to get back to my own university challenge!)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. keva1986 says:

    I was going to ask if this was a challenge or not! I’m trying to get caught up on everyone’s stories. My apologizes Summer, because I’m just now realizing that I haven’t been getting updates like I should have been for when people post new chapters. I love the idea of college dorms! It makes me miss the Sims 3 University Life so much! Gabrielle’s rant was so sudden and funny. I feel sorry that Adelaide had her things ruined like that! I sure hope she can make peace with those bullies somehow.

    Liked by 1 person

    • SummerFalls says:

      This is a challenge! You can find the link under the main Greenwood Dormitory page if you go under Current Stories and then Greenwood Dormitory!
      It’s totally fine that you’re only catching up now and I wish there will be a University Expansion for TS4! I think Adelaide might sort things out with the bullies, once she gains a little more confidence in herself!


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